Top 10 Apple Pay Live Casinos

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that doubles up as a digital wallet. However, this payment service is exclusive to users with iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple watches. The service supports both international and country-specific local payment schemes.

Apple Pay is among the most preferred payment methods in live casinos. However, this only applies in several countries as the payment service is still unavailable to punters from all countries. Punters prefer depositing funds to their live casino accounts via Apple Pay for its ease of use and security, among many other reasons highlighted in this article.

Top 10 Apple Pay Live Casinos
About Apple Pay

About Apple Pay

Apple Pay was unveiled in September 2014, during the launch of the iPhone 6. However, the company had worked on the payment solution for several years before the launch. It had already filed several patents related to payments and acquired start-ups to ensure that the service would be successful right from launch. By 2013, it had forged collaborations Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, three of the biggest names in the digital payments services world.

Setting up Apple Pay

Apple Pay requires users to upload their banking card information to the Apple Wallet and complete the verification process with the card issuer before using the service to make online payments. That helps ensure that users never need to deal with the physical card, as all the card information will be stored in the Apple Pay app. Punters can then make deposits to their live casinos as per the amount available in the linked cards and use the app to verify the transactions.

Apple Pay’s Growth

Apple Pay had a relatively slow start before it gained prominence popular. The slow uptake was largely attributed to the fact that it was a rather new technology, and most people needed some time to be acquainted with it. However, its growth was steady, and the service had more than 292 million users by 2018. Apple Pay was introduced to more countries, and the popularity growth exploded. By 2020, it had more than 500 million users. That high growth rate came despite introducing several other mainstream mobile payment methods that competed directly with Apple Pay.

General Information

NameApple Pay
HeadquartersCupertino, California, USA
Payment TypePay-by-Mobile
About Apple Pay
Getting Started with Apple Pay at Live Casinos

Getting Started with Apple Pay at Live Casinos

Apple has long established itself as being at the forefront of developing technology, and its introduction of Apple Pay in 2014 played a big part in revolutionizing the live casino industry. Payments could now be made safely, securely, and with the minimum of fuss.

The first thing to ensure when getting started with Apple Pay at a live casino is to make sure it is an accepted payment method; there are still some live casinos where this isn't the case.

Once that is done and a deposit has been made as outlined above, Apple Pay is one of the most convenient payment methods for live casinos. Players don't get charged any fees, transactions are instant and secure thanks to the use of fingerprint and facial recognition technology, and no personal data is shared.

However, be aware that funds cannot be withdrawn using Apple Pay, so when a player is ready to cash out, they will need to find an alternative payment method. Apple Pay is also only available on more recent Apple devices, for instance, the iPhone 5S or later.

Getting Started with Apple Pay at Live Casinos
Depositing with Apple Pay at Live Casinos

Depositing with Apple Pay at Live Casinos

Nowadays, Apple Pay is usually offered as a deposit method in nearly all mainstream live casinos based in countries that support the payment service. Finding the best live casino that accepts payments made using Apple Pay is thus relatively easy, though punters must consider several other factors when choosing a live casino that offers Apple Pay. Punters must go through the registration process by following the appropriate steps described by the casino provider to be able to make deposits via Apple Pay.

Before starting the deposit process, punters must also ensure they have linked a banking card to their Apple Pay account or have enough funds for the deposit in their Apple Pay wallet. There is usually no limit to the number of banking cards a user can add to their Apple Pay account, as long as they are valid. Funds sent to a user’s Apple Pay account from another user can also be used to make payments
at a live casino.

The Deposit Process

Punters must first visit the live casino site, log into their account using their credentials, and navigate to the banking or payments page. Most live casinos usually have different pages for withdrawals and deposits. The deposit page will have all the payment methods accepted by the live casino, one of which should be Apple Pay. Punters can then select the Apple Pay option, and it will redirect them to the payment window. They have to input a few details, including the deposit amount, and submit the deposit request.

Users will then receive a notification that a transaction is pending verification on their Apple device. Verification can be done using Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode. If the transaction is validated, the transaction will be processed in real-time, and funds will be credited to the live casino within a few seconds.

Deposit Transaction Fees

Apple Pay does not charge any fees for deposits made to live casinos. However, a few live casinos may charge a small fee per their terms and conditions. Punters might also incur regular banking charges while using credit cards, charged by their bank and not Apple Pay.

Deposit Limits

Apple Pay has set its minimum deposit limits to punters at $1 and a cumulative maximum of $10,000 within seven days. However, some live casinos have specific limits. Usually, the minimum deposit limit can be higher than Apple Play’s lower limit, say $10. The available balance on their prepaid or debit cards from card issuers can also limit punters.

Depositing with Apple Pay at Live Casinos
How to Make a Withdrawal with Apple Pay

How to Make a Withdrawal with Apple Pay

Presently, Apple Pay does not support withdrawals from live casinos. That means punters must find alternative payment methods when looking to withdraw funds from their gaming accounts. Most players usually opt for bank transfers and e-wallets as alternatives for withdrawing funds.

A few live casinos allow their VIP members to withdraw via Apple Pay. However, the withdrawals are not made directly. The VIP punters usually have managers assigned to help them run their gambling accounts. Thus, withdrawals are made via the managers. Ideally, the managers have debit cards linked to the casino’s funds, which they can use to deposit funds to their Apple Pay wallets.

Whenever VIP members send withdrawal requests, the account managers can transfer the requested amounts to their Apple Pay wallets and transfer the funds to the VIP members’ Apple Pay wallets via their accounts. Something to note is that withdrawals using this method usually takes a lot longer than many other withdrawal options. In most cases, it also attracts additional withdrawal processing fees, which can be quite significant. Typically, VIP punters access the withdrawal method by requesting their account managers for the service.

How to Make a Withdrawal with Apple Pay
Why Deposit with Apple Pay?

Why Deposit with Apple Pay?


  • Deposits Processing is Instant - Among the top reasons punters use Apple Pay is that deposits are processed instantly. That can come in handy whenever punters run out of funds while enjoying top live games, as the interruption will be short.
  • Deposits are free - Apple Pay deposits are free, irrespective of the amount deposited. That means punters do not need to worry about their live gaming accounts being credited with lower amounts than they deposit.
  • Apple Pay is secure - Apple Pay has proven to be a reliable and secure payment method. It has a wide variety of security features that ensure all transactions are protected and private.
  • It is easy to use - Depositing funds using Apple Pay is relatively easy and takes only a few seconds to complete the process.


  • Not available in all countries - Apple Pay can be used to make deposits only in specified countries. Punters in unsupported countries cannot use the payment method.
  • Not compatible with non-Apple devices - Apple Pay can only be used with Apple devices. Punters without Apple devices cannot access the service.
  • Apple Pay Supported Currencies and Countries - Currently, Apple Pay supports only one currency, the US dollar. That means that punters with other currencies must convert their currencies into dollars when using Apple Pay to make deposits. Currency conversion fees are usually charged to the banking card linked to the Apple Pay account. The card issuers then apply their exchange rates, just as they would if the physical card is used.
    Also, Apple Pay can be used to deposit to live casino game providers in 72 countries spread across the world. Punters in some unsupported countries can also use it, but only when linking foreign banking cards.
Why Deposit with Apple Pay?
Safety and Security of Apple Pay

Safety and Security of Apple Pay

Apple Pay has been around for over half a decade and has proven to be a safe and secure payment method. Thanks to its numerous security features, which allow punters to use it to make deposits without worrying about being scammed.

For starters, Apple Pay uses the EMV tokenization technology. The security feature replaces users’ primary account information with a unique code that is restricted in its usage to the merchant. That means users’ information is never shared when making payments, eliminating the possibility of using the information maliciously.

Apple Pay also uses the two-factor authentication feature. That means users must authenticate all transactions using their Apple devices by inputting their passcodes or biometrics.

If users lose their apple devices or suspect that the security of their Apple Pay accounts is compromised, they can delete their Apple Pay accounts remotely. This move eliminates the chances of the account being accessed by unauthorized persons, even if they know the passcode for verifying transactions.

Precautions to Take

Apple Pay is a secure payment method, but users still need to take precautions to avoid being scammed. For starters, they should deposit funds only to credible live casino game providers. They should also set secure passcodes and avoid sharing the passcodes with anyone. If the account is compromised, the users should immediately report to the relevant authorities.

Safety and Security of Apple Pay


Everything you need to know about casinos

What casinos accept Apple Pay?

Many live Apple Pay live casinos allow punters to deposit funds to their gaming accounts using Apple Pay. Some of the best ones are 888 Casino, Bet365, Betfair, Genesis Casino, and William Hill casino.

Do I need a bank account to use Apple Pay?

Ideally, punters can use Apple Pay without having a bank account. One way of loading funds to the Apple Pay wallet will be by receiving funds from another Apple Pay user using the Apple Pay Cash service. Users can also link prepaid cards to their Apple Pay accounts, which some banks provide to non-account holders.

Can I withdraw with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay does not support withdrawals from live casino sites. Punters must thus look for alternative payment methods to withdraw their winnings. Most live casino sites typically recommend bank transfers, but e-wallets are also a good alternative.

Is Apple Pay free for me to use?

Yes. Apple Pay does not impose any transaction charges for deposits irrespective of the amount deposited. However, the card issuer may impose regular charges, just as would be the case when using a physical card. Such may include interest charged on credit cards and currency conversion costs.

How does the future look for Apple Pay at casinos?

Apple Pay is likely going to grow in popularity among punters even further. That mostly is because it has proven to be reliable and safe and the many other benefits it offers. The number of people owning Apple devices is also increasing, meaning more people will be able to access the service.

There have also been numerous requests from users for Apple Pay to allow withdrawals from online casinos. With the increasing competition in the mobile payment industry, Apple will most likely make it possible to get ahead of the competition soon.

What is the maximum I can deposit with Apple Pay at casinos?

Apple Pay allows punters to deposit a maximum of $10,000 per week, which can be in one transaction or split into several smaller transactions. However, a casino that accepts apple pay might have lower limits set per transaction to protect punters from gambling addiction.

What are the transfer fees for withdrawing with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay does not support withdrawals from live casinos. Thus, there are no associated withdrawal fees for the payment method.

What is the transfer time for withdrawing with Apple Pay?

Punters cannot withdraw funds from their casino Apple Pay accounts with ease. They have to consider other payment methods when looking to withdraw their winnings.