Top 10 Skrill Live Casinos

Skrill is an international e-wallet that allows users to send and receive money over the internet. Skrill has become one of the leading payment options for various online services, including live casinos. The flexibility of the services that are offered by Skrill makes it a must for players who are gaming online. The system is easy to use once the user has a Skrill account set up, and it offers the peace of mind that people are looking for these days when everyone is worried about unauthorized access to a bank account. The Skrill account can be linked to a bank account, but there is no reason for the end merchant to have access to that type of personal information. Below is a great selection of the top Skrill casinos that are highly recommended.

Top 10 Skrill Live Casinos
About Skrill

About Skrill

Skrill Limited is a UK-based company that allows payments to be made through the internet. Its primary focus is to provide low-cost money transfers. Skrill was founded in 2001 and has its headquarters in London. It is the only officially authorized digital wallet for use in internet gambling in New Jersey.

It is also an e-payment method that has consistently featured in the market alongside PayPal. The company premises its model on lowering transfer costs across different parts of the world as much as possible. This method works perfectly with online live casinos, as they try to cater to customers far from their countries of operation.

Skrill is yet another pioneer online money transfer platform and a popular e-wallet. The company has built its brand around the premise of low charges and this has made it hugely popular among online dealers across the world. The casino world is aware of this and most online casinos and players use it as a transfer option.

General Information

FoundedLondon, United Kingdom
EstablishedJune 2001
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
Payment TypeE-Wallet, Prepaid Card, International Money Transfer
About Skrill
Best Live Casinos with Skrill

Best Live Casinos with Skrill

Many punters who want to bet at live casinos accepting digital wallets often ask, " What is Skrill?" That said, Skrill is a virtual multicurrency wallet that stores, transfers, and handles payments over the internet. It is one of the most widely used and reputable casino payment methods. Previously regarded as Moneybookers, the e-wallet is a quick and secure way of transacting at online gambling platforms.

Casino enthusiasts looking to bet in the top Skrill casinos and would also like to know how they work don't have to go far because all that information is provided on this page. Here is a complete guide on how to make deposits and withdrawals using Skrill money transfer.

Best Live Casinos with Skrill
Depositing with Skrill at Live Casinos

Depositing with Skrill at Live Casinos

The first requirement for depositing with Skrill is to have a Skrill account. The registration process is straightforward and involves submitting personal information and setting up login details.

The process is as follows:

  1. Go to the Skrill official site and click on the 'Register' button at the top right-hand corner of the homepage
  2. A sign-up page will open on a separate tab. Here, the user fills in the boxes with their first name, last name, country of residence, state, and preferred currency.
  3. The last step is to enter a personal email and password, then agree to the terms of use
  4. The user receives a confirmation email that their account opening was successful

It is mandatory to fund the account for verification purposes. Skrill connects to different financial services, including banks and debit cards. When depositing funds in a casino via Skrill, the player enters their Skrill login instantly gets access to the money in their bank.

How to Make a Direct Deposit with Skrill

Once the Skrill account is up and running, punters can go to the deposit page in one of their preferred Skrill casinos. Most live casino sites provide a drop-down list of the available payment options. A successful deposit follows the steps below:

  1. Select e-wallets from the menu
  2. Click on Skrill
  3. A new window will open to let the customer enter their Skrill login
  4. Choose the amount to deposit and the preferred currency. The provider will ask for the user's email and password to verify the transaction
  5. Hit the submit button and follow the instructions to confirm the payment again

Skrill fees & transfer limits

The transfer should be instant. Skrill charges a small amount for online payments, including casino deposits. However, the casino does not charge a deposit fee. The minimum and maximum deposit depend on the Skrill casino itself. Some sites accept as low as $5, while others accept deposits from $20 and above. Skrill does not impose a minimum transfer amount but may have a maximum transfer limit depending on the account status.

Depositing with Skrill at Live Casinos
How to Make a Withdrawal with Skrill

How to Make a Withdrawal with Skrill

Generally, here are the steps required to withdraw winnings from a Skrill casino:

  • Navigate to the withdrawal section on the payment page
  • Select Skrill from the available casino payment methods
  • Fill in the necessary details and the amount to withdraw from the casino

The processing time for Skrill withdrawals is usually quick, and the money reflects immediately in the player's bank account. But it depends on how fast the casino approves the payout. Receiving money with Skrill is free of charge, and there are three ways customers can get money from their personal Skrill accounts.

  1. Direct deposit into a bank account (applies to countries where Skrill offers their services)
  2. Withdrawing to a Visa Card (there are applicable fees)
  3. Transferring to mobile wallets and withdrawing in a local currency from the nearest agents

When withdrawing directly into a bank, a PIN authentication is required for online security purposes. When it comes to withdrawal limits, some Skrill casinos allow anything between $10 to $10,000 per day while others $10 - $32,500. These limits are stipulated in the terms and conditions of the casino provider. For clarifications and solving technical issues, the customer care team is ready to answer any question.

How to Make a Withdrawal with Skrill
Skrill Supported Currencies and Countries

Skrill Supported Currencies and Countries

In the Americas

Skrill is used in many different countries around the world and has a presence on all continents. In the Americas, customers in the United States and Canada, as well as in many countries across Central America, the Caribbean, and South America, can use Skrill to make payments online.


In Europe, most of the continent's markets accept Skrill payments, from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands, as well as emerging markets such as Montenegro and Estonia. Many African nations also support the use of Skrill, from Morocco in the north, through to South Africa, and to island nations such as Mauritius.

Asia Pacific Region

The Asia Pacific region also largely supports Skrill, with Australia, New Zealand, India and Indonesia representing some of the biggest markets for the payment provider. Norfolk Island, Hong Kong and Christmas Island are some of the territories and semi-autonomous states that also support this payment provider. In total, Skrill can be accessed from around 120 countries, providing comprehensive global coverage — although this is significantly fewer countries than PayPal. As of 2022, Skrill supports 40 different global currencies.

Easy to Download and Easy to Use

Skrill is not as widely used as PayPal, although the solution is only a few years younger, having been launched back in 2001. As a result, many live casino customers may not already have a Skrill account. These users will need to download the Skrill payment app and then set up an account before they can start using the solution.

However, this should not be a major obstacle. Skrill's developers have designed a simple and straightforward account set-up process, and users should be able to get started easily when they use the solution.

Skrill Supported Currencies and Countries
Top Casino Bonuses for Skrill

Top Casino Bonuses for Skrill

Cashback Bonuses

When live casino users incur losses during gameplay, the casino may offer them a cashback bonus, essentially helping them to recoup some of the funds they have lost. Some casinos will exclude users who have made payments via Skrill from accessing these bonuses, so players should check the terms and conditions before they play.

Full deposit bonuses

After the player has made a deposit to the live casino provider, the casino may opt to give this player a 100% deposit bonus. This means the player can use the full deposit they have paid — perhaps $100 — and the casino will match this to give $200 in total. Skrill payment users are not usually excluded from this bonus type.

Partial deposit bonuses

Similar to full deposit bonuses, a partial deposit bonus is applied when the casino does not match the full deposit amount but provides a percentage bonus. So, if the casino provides a 50% bonus and the player puts down a $50 deposit, there would be $75 available to play with. Again, Skrill users will generally find they have access to this bonus type.

Free spins

The live casino may give players the opportunity to take free spins or have free tries on a casino game. This may be offered as a bonus reward if the player puts down a certain level of money for a deposit. Some casinos exclude Skrill users from these bonuses, however, so players should carefully check the terms and conditions.

Welcome bonuses

Live casinos may provide bonuses to welcome new players to the casino, perhaps combining the deposit bonuses and free spins listed above. Again, there may be some restrictions on this, and not all live casinos will extend this bonus to Skrill users.

Loyalty bonuses

While welcome bonuses are just for new customers, returning customers may benefit from loyalty bonuses if they meet certain conditions. The live casino may give a full or partial deposit bonus or may offer free spins for loyal customers. Skrill users are not generally excluded from these bonuses.

Top Casino Bonuses for Skrill
Why use Skrill at live casinos?

Why use Skrill at live casinos?

Online bettors enjoy a wide range of benefits when they choose Skrill money transfer.

Because Skrill offers the option to link to a bank account, users don't need to provide their financial details every time they transact at a live casino. This means punters can hold multiple accounts with different casino providers without compromising their online safety.

The ability to keep betting transactions in one place without involving bank statements is a huge plus for players who embrace responsible gambling. As such, Skrill makes it easier to manage bankroll while allowing punters to transfer money to different casinos that accept this e-wallet.



Widely available in over 120 countriesA small fee may be charged when depositing to some casinos
Allows transactions in 40 different currenciesHigh withdrawal charges for credit and debit cards
Ideal for mobile casinos apps
No charges for transferring funds directly to the bank
Offers both personal and business accounts
quick transfer of winnings from a casino to a player's bank account
The speed of depositing and withdrawing is faster than most online payment methods
Easy to use, making the whole casino experience more satisfying
Why use Skrill at live casinos?
Safety and Security at Skrill

Safety and Security at Skrill

For their safety, online gamers and gamblers should only play at trusted live casinos. It is vital to use a method like Skrill that does not request banking details while betting. A trustworthy transaction mechanism should also be easy and quick, whether depositing or withdrawing.

So the question is, Is Skrill safe?

Skrill Holdings Limited is a trusted global payment provider. Skrill was the first e-wallet to be licensed in the United Kingdom and operates under the standards of the Financial Conduct Authority. Using this digital payment method thus improves online security when transacting in a live casino.

The provider guarantees the confidentiality of bank and card details. Those who wish to keep their money on the Skrill personal account can do so after withdrawing from a gambling platform, and the funds will be safe.

When depositing or withdrawing from a betting site, Skrill doesn't reveal the user's bank details. All transactions are encrypted with PCI-DSS Level1, a top-notch data security measure with complete fraud protection. It is one of the highest online security protocols, the reason many reputable casinos prefer it.

Safety and Security at Skrill
History of Skrill

History of Skrill

At the time when Skrill was founded in 2001, there was a big struggle for leadership of the online payments services sector. The original owners sold the company in 2007 to Investcorp Technology Partners.

It was after this sale that the company and the Moneybookers name expanded its customer base rapidly, reaching more than 25 million people, as well as more than 150 thousand retailers. It was in 2011 that the company was renamed Skrill, then two years later, it purchased Paysafecard.

The company is now part of the Paysafe Group and, over the last five to six years, has acquired a number of other online payment services, which has helped with the dramatic growth that it has seen around the world.

Skrill is now able to offer services in more than 100 different countries, and transactions can be carried out in more than 40 different currencies. One of the advantages that Skrill has over other payment services is that payments can be made in cryptocurrencies as well as standard currencies. As some live casinos accept cryptocurrencies, this makes Skrill a good option for those who want more payment flexibility.

History of Skrill
Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

For those who wish to read more about responsible gaming or need help with addiction, please visit these websites below.

Responsible Gaming


Everything you need to know about casinos

What is Skrill?

Skrill was formerly known as Moneybookers. It is an e-wallet used for making online transactions to various merchants such as online casinos. It is considered to be a fast, safe, and trusted brand. Skrill is used all over the world by online casino players. Payers can also make deposits and withdrawals using a credit card or bank account, which is added to an e-wallet. The e-wallet also makes it possible to buy cryptocurrency. However, this feature is only available in certain countries.

Why use Skrill?

Skrill is made for seamless online transactions at an online casino. A deposit can be made within minutes, and withdrawals are also reasonably fast. Skrill is a great e-wallet to use because most online casinos don't charge a fee. Skrill allows cryptocurrency to be bought and stored on the account. Getting a Skrill account is free.

Is Skrill safe?

Skrill is a safe and secure online platform that protects lots of sensitive information. Players' information is protected by using two-factor authentication and detailed encryption. This means the chances of scamming and fraud is far less. Skrill also uses a 6-digit passcode. This happens before two-factor authentication. Like many other payment providers, Skrill has customer support and uses fraud prevention software to prevent malicious payments.

How do I sign up for Skrill?

Signing up for Skrill can be completed within a few minutes. The user must choose an account type and country. Then, provide an email, phone number, currency, and personal details. Provide a first name, last name, address, city, postcode, and date of birth. A password must also be created. Finally, go to the email used for the signup and click the verify link.

Is there a verification process?

Yes, there is a verification step that requires the new applicant to provide government-issued identification like a driver's license or passport. Skrill uses this to verify each person and check if the ID has been reported as stolen. This process stops scammers from creating fake accounts.

Does Skrill issue a debit or credit card?

Skrill issues a prepaid Mastercard, which can be reloaded from the Skrill e-wallet. It can be used to make purchases online or to withdraw cash from an ATM with Mastercard as one of its brands. A card can be issued to a player with a positive account balance in a Skrill account. It will be issued with a 16-digit card number, Security Code (CVV), and the Expiry date. Then it is ready to be used at a prepaid merchant. Remember that the prepaid card is only issued in the EEA region or Europe.

Who can get a Skrill account?

E-wallets are only issued to individuals over the age of 18 years old. Children are not permitted to sign up for Skrill. The person applying mustn't have a bad credit rating and provide the correct personal information. Players must give information such as phone number, email address, government identification, and more.

Does Skrill charge fees?

There is a fee on deposits of 1%. So a deposit of $100, will result in $1 being taken from the amount being deposited. Players should be aware of this to ensure they put in the correct amount. There are also withdrawal fees from Skrill. Also, please note that withdrawal fees may also apply to an online casino. Skrill also charges fees for transfers of around 1.45% at the time of writing. So a $200 transfer will incur a charge of $2,90. Transferring to a person with a different currency also results in further fees. Check the fee schedule on the website or contact support for more information.

Is Skrill a popular payment method in live casinos?

Yes. Skrill is a very popular payment method since of its great flexibility. Payments can be made in standard currencies but also cryptocurrencies.

Does Skrill offer services in different countries and currencies?

Yes. Skrill is now available in more than 100 countries and 40 currencies.