Joining a Live Casino

Become a Member of Live Casinos

Joining a live casino gives players the opportunity to enjoy gaming in a way that suits them. Many players do not have the time to visit a physical casino, or there may not be a casino facility within reach of their home. However, they still want to experience all the excitement this environment has to offer.

The live casino experience bridges the gap and offers the best of both worlds in many ways. But before players can get started with the various casino games and products on offer, they must first complete the live casino signup process. Read on to discover more about joining and signing up for a live casino.

Joining a Live Casino

How Do Live Casinos Really Work?

Live casinos work using a number of components that operate together as part of an overarching system. These components are:

  • Web Camera - The web camera provides streamed video from the casino or studio floor in real time.
  • Live Dealer - This is the real-life dealer who oversees the game.
  • Game Control Unit - While a human dealer handles many of the play elements, automated and smart features are delivered by the Game Control Unit.
  • Dealer Interface - This is the interface the casino dealer will use to interact with the live system.
  • User Interface - The user will interact with the system via a dedicated user interface.
  • Optical Character Recognition - This is the feature that translates images from the live stream and represents them as real-time graphics on the user’s screen.

Registration Process at Live Casino

Before the player can get started in the gaming environment, they first need to undergo the live online casino registration process. This is where the customer will set up their casino profile and prepare to start gaming.

Usually, players will have to complete the following steps during registration:

  • Provide personal identification information.
  • Provide supporting ID documents.
  • Verify email address and contact information.
  • Verify bank accounts and deposit/withdrawal methods.
  • Complete human verification steps to prove they are not a computerized bot.

All of the top live online casinos will publish a detailed privacy policy. This is where they will provide important information on data protection and on the usage of customer information. Read this policy carefully before signing up.

Live Casino Deposit Process

The live casino deposit process is crucial to the player experience. This is how players add funds to their account and support their gameplay. With this in mind, the top live casinos will make this process easy and straightforward.

For players, this deposit is the money they pay up front to access the live casino gaming products. This money remains available for the player until they have reduced their account balance to 0. The player can also add to their account balance through further deposits or with winnings from games.

What Are Some of the Top Payment Methods Available at Live Casinos?

Simple, straightforward, and diverse — this is the ideal live casino payment process for players. In other words, customers need to be able to make payments easily from a number of different sources.

Some of the top live casino payment options are:

  • Credit or debit card, including Visa, Mastercard and other providers
  • Payment platforms such as PayPal
  • Mobile eWallets such as Apple Pay or AliPay
  • Emerging payment apps, like Skrill
  • Cryptocurrency wallets, supporting payments in Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, or other forms of crypto

There are many different forms of payment available, but customers need to know that not all live casinos support all forms of payment. For safe and secure deposits at Live Casinos, don't miss our detailed guide about payment methods. It'll help you navigate transactions with confidence!

How Do You Make a Deposit?

Different live casinos operate their own specific deposit methods. However, these methods should follow a similar structure, as follows:

  1. Sign up for a live casino account, providing all the information necessary for registration and verification.
  2. Choose the method of payment from the methods supported by the casino.
  3. Make the deposit either by opening a separate payment app or completing verification from the live casino site itself.

How to Make a Withdrawal

Much of casino players' fun and excitement comes from the possibility of winning money, and this is why the live casino withdrawal process is so important for players.

When gamers win a wager at a live online casino, this money is not paid directly to them. Instead, it remains in the player’s casino account. To access this money, the player needs to make a withdrawal — either to their bank account or to another payment medium.

How Can Players Take Out Cash from Their Winnings?

The specifics of the withdrawal process will vary between live casinos. Similarly, not all casino providers will support all types of withdrawal. While most will support Visa withdrawals, for example, cryptocurrency withdrawals are less commonly supported.

Generally speaking, the withdrawals process will follow a similar sequence:

  • The player wins a casino game and funds are credited to their casino account.
  • The player visits their live casino profile and hits the Withdraw button.
  • The player selects their desired withdrawal method — this will need to be set up if the player has not used this method before.
  • The funds will be made available to the player — withdrawal timeframes can vary between different methods.

What Are the Turnover Requirements?

Before the player can withdraw winnings, their balance needs to be “turned over” — i.e., used for either a successful or unsuccessful bet. This prevents players from depositing funds and then withdrawing them without betting.

Players should examine the terms and conditions of the casino carefully before signing up. Comparing different turnover requirements can help players to differentiate between casinos.

Withdrawal Limits

Casinos may not allow players to withdraw all their money in one go and may instead impose restrictions. This is what is meant by a withdrawal limit.

The best live casinos will offer reasonable withdrawal limits. If the limits are too high, this does not provide a good experience for the players.

Live Casino Time Limits

There are limits applied to live casino games. For example, players may only be able to place wagers between specific parameters on some live games. Minimum betting requirements help casinos to achieve the desired level of exclusivity or inclusivity at the table. Meanwhile, maximum betting requirements help casino teams and software as they manage the live floor.

There may be other restrictions too. For instance, a provider may implement a live casino time limit for each day, week, or month, restricting the number of hours of potential gaming time.

Players are advised to check the terms and conditions of each casino — and the casino’s different products — before they play.

Live Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are gifts from the live casino to the player, generally in the form of additional funds or free attempts on a game.

When considering the best live casino bonuses, players should check:

  • The terms and conditions of the bonus, including wagering requirements
  • Which games the bonuses can be used with
  • Which payment methods apply to the bonus
  • Whether the bonus is available in their physical location or jurisdiction

What Are the Most Popular Bonuses?

There are many bonuses available, and the best live casino bonuses for individual players will vary according to playing styles and preferences. Take a look at some of the most popular bonuses available.

  • Deposit Bonuses - when the live casino either matches the player's deposit or gives a percentage of their deposit back as a bonus
  • Free Spins or Free Tries - free tries that may be offered as a bonus, known as free spins, on games like live roulette
  • Loyalty Bonuses - bonuses provided to returning customers or players who have remained with the casino for a long time
  • High Roller Bonuses - an exclusive bonus reserved for players who make large deposits at the casino and agree to high wagering requirements

Live Casino Software

Players may be tempted by a great-looking game or an attractive bonus and may overlook the software provider. This is a risky strategy, as live casino software is an important factor in the selection process.

Players need to know what to look for when they select a live casino software provider. A great software provider will:

  • Guarantee availability and a reliable stream
  • Be fully licensed and accredited in the player’s location
  • Have great reviews from casino players on reliable third-party websites
  • Be fully transparent with all terms and conditions, offering reasonable minimum and maximum withdrawals
  • Offer fast payouts following player wins
  • Deliver streams that are supported by the player’s device and internet connection

What Are the Top Software Providers in Live Casinos?

It’s helpful for players to recognize the top software providers in the market. Here are some of the leading providers:

  • Playtech - provides gaming interfaces in a number of different international languages, as well as a multilingual customer support team
  • Ezugi - a rapidly-growing live casino gaming provider with studios in markets across the world, from Europe and Asia to Central America
  • SA Gaming - a Philippine-based provider offering gaming products such as Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger, as well as a range of popular games from the Western market
  • Evolution - offers streaming from a variety of locations, including Philadelphia and Michigan in the US and Lithuania in Europe

What Are the Top Live Casino Games?

There are many different live casino games for players to choose from. However, it's useful for players to recognize which games are the most popular as they make their choice.

  • Live Roulette — Roulette is a highly accessible and fast-paced game that lends itself well to the live casino environment.
  • Live Blackjack — Blackjack, like roulette, provides an easy access point for players looking to enjoy live casino games.
  • Live Poker — Poker, in its numerous different forms, requires more strategy and skill than other live casino games and remains a popular choice for players.
  • Live Sic Bo — Games from Asian communities are becoming popular among players. Sic Bo is one of the best known, but other games such as Dragon Tiger also have a high profile.

To discover more about Live Casino games, check out our detailed guide. It has all you need to get started and succeed!

What Should Players Consider When Choosing a Game?

How do players choose the right casino game for them? Here are a few things for customers to look out for when they select the top live casino game providers.

  • Playing History: The player's gaming history will help them to understand which games they may enjoy in the future. For example, if the player has enjoyed a specific type of poker in the past, they may want to try another form of this game.
  • Experience Level: Some games, such as roulette, have an easy learning curve. Other games require some previous experience and knowledge.
  • Specific Bonuses: Bonuses can be a great way for players to enhance their gaming experience. Customers should look for specific bonuses that are attached to specific games — for instance, free spins on a roulette game.
  • Game Availability: Not all games will be available across all languages and locations. Players should review the terms and conditions of each game before they begin.
  • Streaming Quality: Different games may provide live streaming at different resolutions. Players should check their own internet connection before they play.

Support in Live Casinos

While the range of games and relative odds are important to the player experience, customers still need to be properly supported when choosing a live casino.

The best live casinos will prove that they have a customer-focused mindset, putting the player first with excellent casino support services.

What Makes Great Live Casino Support?

There are many different factors that contribute to great live casino support. The best live casino support must be:

  • Available in the player's location and delivered in their language
  • Available whenever casino games are in operation
  • Friendly, warm and welcoming to all players
  • Effective in addressing players' concerns
  • Provided across all games and products in the live casino roster
  • Accessible across a range of different user devices
  • Accessible for users with different requirements, such as those with visual or auditory impairments

What is a live casino?

A live casino is an online platform that allows players to participate in games that are run by real dealers and streamed in real-time. It offers an experience similar to a physical casino, providing popular games like roulette, blackjack, poker, and others. Players can interact with the live dealers and sometimes with other players, which adds to the authenticity of the experience.

Where is a live casino located?

Live casinos are primarily online platforms, and the actual operations - the tables, dealers, and filming equipment - can be located anywhere in the world. Some live casinos operate from a studio specifically set up for streaming live games, while others may stream from actual physical casinos. The physical location isn't as relevant to the player as the games are accessed and played online. It's more important for players to make sure the live casino they choose to play at is licensed and regulated for their jurisdiction to ensure fairness and security.

How does the registration process work at live online casinos?

The registration process usually involves providing personal identification information, supporting ID documents, verifying email address and contact information, confirming bank accounts and deposit/withdrawal methods, and completing human verification steps.

What are some popular payment methods at live casinos?

Popular payment options include credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard), payment platforms like PayPal, mobile eWallets such as Apple Pay or AliPay, emerging payment apps like Skrill, and cryptocurrency wallets for Bitcoin, Ether, or Litecoin.

How do withdrawals work at live casinos?

After winning, funds are credited to your casino account. You can visit your profile, hit the 'Withdraw' button, and select your desired withdrawal method. The withdrawal timeframe varies.

What should I look for when choosing a live casino game?

Consider your playing history, experience level, specific bonuses attached to games, game availability across languages and locations, and the streaming quality that your internet connection supports.

Does the Software Have Any Impact on Payout Times?

Yes, the software can have an impact on payout times, although the live casino host will also be responsible for this. Players should check the terms and conditions — as well as online reviews — carefully before they choose a live casino and a specific software provider.

Why Is Live Casino Support So Important?

Live casinos are supposed to provide the best of both worlds. On the one hand, players are connected to the thrill and excitement of the playing environment. On the other, they enjoy the comfort and convenience of their own home or wherever they want to play.

Without reliable support, live casino players cannot achieve these dual aims. It is the support that makes sure players can find help when they need it and enjoy themselves just in the way they would on a physical casino floor. This makes support critical to the overall experience.

Why Does a Gambler Have to Input Detailed Personal Information When Signing Up?

It’s natural for customers to be uneasy about providing so much personal information during signup. However, it is necessary in most cases.

This is because live casino gambling is so strictly monitored and regulated in most jurisdictions. Casinos have to be very careful to ensure they are not violating any regulations or compliance measures. A stringent registration process is part of this.