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Best player dashboard
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Registering for an account with a National opens up a world of gaming opportunities. You can access all of the provider's features, such as a selection of Live Casino games, safe payment methods, and some of the best bonuses - just by creating an account. Sign up to learn more about what National has to offer and take the first step toward an exciting Live Casino experience!

When a player heads to the official casino’s website, they need to click on the Register Now button. There are a couple of steps they have to go through when they fill in the information, and they include the following ones:

  • Login details – email and password(agree to receive exclusive bonuses and promotions by email and SMS)
  • Account Information – Choose the country, currency and enter the phone number
  • Confirm your account – first name, last name, gender, date of birth, city, full address and postcode. Player needs to confirm that they are of legal age to gamble and to accept the Terms and Conditions of the casino.

Account Verification

Players need to make sure that they enter the correct details, because later on they will have to go through the verification procedure. To do that, players need to send copies of legal documents.

The general idea here is for the casino to confirm the identity of each player. These are the documents that the casino will request from each player:

ID – players can send copies of valid official identification documents such as passport, National ID or driver’s license.

Proof of address – to prove your address, players need to send a copy of a document that shows their name and residential address. They can send a copy of a utility bill, bank statement or insurance papers.

Proof of payment method – in some cases the casino will request from its players to prove that they are the owners of the payment method they used.

In some cases the casino may request for a selfie photo of the player holding their ID next to their face.

The best way to send the documents is to upload them on the website. Another way to send the documents is via email. This is something that has to be done sooner or later. So we suggest players verify their account the moment they create it. The casino will require verification when the player makes their first withdrawal request.

Players can reach Customer Support and verify their account manually, which for some is the most convenient way. They have to contact Customer Support and a casino representative will inform the player what documents they need to send.

All documents are stored in an encrypted database and protected, so players can feel safe to deposit funds to their account.

As we mentioned before the casino may require a proof of payment method and players need to send documents to verify it. The type of document will depend on the deposit method used.

Players who use a credit/debit card to deposit, will have to send a photo of the card. The first 4 and the last 6 numbers on the card should be visible only, and also the name and expiration date. There is no need to send the back-side of the card.

Players who use e-Wallets need to send a screenshot of the account when logged in. Player’s name, account ID and the URL of the page should be visible.

Players who use Bank account to deposit, will have to send a recent bank statement where their name and the bank’s logo are visible.

When players verify their account, there are some key points they have to keep in mind to have a successful verification process. There are examples of players who have spent a lot of time trying to verify their account, just because they didn’t send the correct documents.

The first thing that players need to keep in mind is that they have to send valid documents. They can’t send expired documents and expect their account to be approved. What they need to make sure is that when they send a copy, the issue date is clearly visible.

Next thing they need to pay attention to is that whether they send a photo or a scan, the whole document needs to be visible. Especially when they send a photo, all four corners need to be visible.

One of the most common mistake players make is that they send documents that are blurry and low resolution. Players need to make sure that they use a camera or phone to make a clear photo before they send it.

Players who change some of their personal information like last name or address will have to send additional documents to make sure their details match their account.

Players should never create an account using someone else’s details. An account is personal, and a player should use only their details to create one.

How to log in?

Players will have to log into their account every time they want to play. This is done on the official casino’s website where they have to enter their username and password. We suggest players always log out of their account when they are done. This way they will have their account protected from other people using it.

How to close an account?

Players who want to take a break from gambling or to close their account for a longer period can do that. The best way is to contact Customer Support and let them know about the reasons why a player wants to close their account. They will offer them different options and help them decide which one is the best for them.