Safe & Trusted Live Casinos

Live casino players love excitement — this is why they seek out the best and most thrilling live casino games on the market. But casino gaming is not about recklessness and irresponsibility. Instead, it's about managed risk and the right kind of fun. This is why safe and secure live casinos are so important.

Player safety and security always need to come first. With this in mind, regulators, auditors, and live casinos themselves come together to support the best possible experience, protecting players at every turn. Read on to discover more about how this works in practice for players in the market.

What Makes a Live Casino Secure?

How do players know that a live casino is truly secure? How can gamers keep themselves safe online, and what should they look out for?

  • Safe Gaming Without Interruptions. Pop-ups and other interruptions to gaming are certainly annoying, but they can be worse than this. They can actively put the safety of the player at risk. The best live casino sites will not interrupt gaming with ads and pop-ups, and will instead offer a seamless experience to all players online.
  • Vetted External Links. Live dealer casino websites do use advertising and external links to boost their SEO, drive their traffic, and enhance their revenue. However, these advertisements and external links should be carefully vetted, and they should only direct users to safe, legal, secure, and trustworthy locations. All external sites should feature the HTTPS secure protocol as a minimum standard.
  • Secure Deposits, Withdrawals, and Account Management. Customers need to know that their money is being taken care of in the right way. This means their account needs to be secure, with multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, secure payment gateways must be in place to support deposits and withdrawals so that players are protected at all times.
  • A Responsible Approach to Gaming. Safe online live casinos must adopt a responsible approach to gambling. This means adhering to voluntary opt-out programs and avoiding advertising to individuals who have experienced problems with gambling in the past. This kind of sustainable focus is what makes the live online casino gambling industry viable in the long term while keeping all individuals safe from harm.
  • Overseen by Industry-Accredited Regulators. Different jurisdictions have different regulatory bodies that oversee gambling in their region. All of the top live casinos will be happy to work with these regulators to ensure safety and security for players and all stakeholders. Any casino that does not submit to this regulation should be viewed with suspicion, and this could be a major red flag for players.
  • Well-Reviewed Software Providers. Live casino games are provided by software developers. In most cases, these software developers will be external to the live casino itself, offered by third-party development companies. Players should be able to easily find out which software companies have developed — or provided the platform for — the casino's live games. From here, the player can check for reviews of these software companies online to find out if they are reputable and secure.

How Are Casinos Online Monitored for Their Safety and Security?

While players are encouraged to be careful and to play responsibly when they visit live online casinos, it is still the responsibility of the casino operator to remain safe and secure. These operators must adhere to a number of different regulations and guidelines, depending on their specific location and jurisdiction.

As mentioned above, safe casinos will conduct their own internal monitoring to ensure they remain compliant within the appropriate regulations. However, regulatory bodies also need to be able to enforce and oversee these guidelines in a meaningful and effective manner.

Casino Regulators

Casino regulators implement regulations and guidelines for all live casinos that are based within their particular jurisdiction or region. These regulations may relate to the type of game that can be offered to players, or they may dictate legal practices regarding withdrawal limits and player deposits.

If casinos do not adhere to these regulations, they may be subject to a fine or they may lose their license. In most cases, live online casinos will comply with regulations voluntarily and adopt their own internal approach to monitoring that aligns with the regulator's requirements.

Casino Auditors

Casino auditors essentially check that the live online casino is abiding by all relevant regulations and requirements. This involves working through a checklist of different items, making sure that the casino is offering a positive experience to customers — with no infringement on the players' safety and security.

To achieve this, auditors will assess the live casino's services. They will look at the processes for depositing and withdrawing money, as well as how to access user accounts and secure areas. They will also assess the security protocols used on the live casino gaming website, ensuring that all connections are fully secured and protected for all players.

These are just a few of the elements that will be audited, and different jurisdictions will assess casinos in specific areas and by specific metrics.

Casino Game Auditors

Casino game auditors carry out checks on specific casino gaming products, helping customers identify the most trusted online casinos for players. They will assess the rules of these specific games and analyze the gameplay to ensure everything remains within the regulator's guidelines and requirements.

The casino will not be accredited by the regulator until all of their games have been audited and assessed. This ensures that all players have a secure experience whenever they use the live casino's products.

What Is a Random Number Generator (RNG)?

A random number generator is a computer application producing numbers that cannot be predicted or forecasted according to any pattern or process. In other words, these numbers are completely randomized, with no context or external indicators that could be used to manipulate them.

The RNG is a critical concept for live casino operators. Casinos need to be able to guarantee the randomization of key values, ensuring that security cannot be breached and games cannot be manipulated by any external entity — either human or otherwise. These RNGs will be built into the software used by the casino itself.


In order to ensure full security, casinos need to adopt a number of protocols to protect players.

  • SSL: Standing for Secure Sockets Layer, the SSL protocol protects information that is sent between the player and casino via encryption.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Players must sign into their gambling accounts using multiple steps of authentication, in a process known as multi-factor authentication, or MFA. This provides an additional level of security for all users of the casino.
  • Identity Verification: Players must verify their identity as they sign up, and this identity must be protected by the casino. The top trusted live casinos will also ensure that the player's account remains safe and secure at all times, combining the multi-factor authentication mentioned above with ID verification.
  • Fund Segregation: Any money deposited into a player account cannot be used by the casino and must be kept completely separate from the casino's own operational fund. This policy of fund segregation is necessary if players are to be able to trust the casino and its products.
  • Responsible Gaming and Opt-Out Integration: Casinos should never advertise to players who are in opt-out schemes, and they must incorporate responsible gaming into their own operational policies.

Safe Payment Methods

When you're playing in a live casino, it's really important to be able to put money into your account safely. Best live casinos make sure you can do this by offering trusted ways to pay, like debit and credit cards, PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. These methods are common because they use strong technology to keep your details safe.

There's also some new ways to pay that are becoming popular. For example, you can use Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are types of digital money. They are known for being secure and private. Always make sure to check if the casino accepts these kinds of payment. This way, you'll know they care about keeping your money safe.

For a more in-depth look at safe and secure payment methods in live casinos, we recommend reading our comprehensive guide, which provides detailed insights into the various options available.

How Live CasinoRank Checks That Casinos Are Safe

Live CasinoRank applies its own criteria to assess the safety and security of live casinos. This is designed to provide a valuable resource for players in search of an enjoyable experience through live online gaming.

The safety assessment covers various aspects of the live online casino. Read on to discover more about what this analysis includes.

  1. Security Protocols. All of the best live online casinos will have robust security protocols in place to protect players. This includes multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and HTTPS on web pages — page elements that are designed with full player data protection in mind.
  2. Transparent Payments. Players need to be able to rely upon the payment methods they can use when they look for safe casinos online. This means assessing the available methods and making sure they are fully in line with best practices in the industry.
  3. Player Experience Data. If players are having a negative or unsafe experience when they play, this is a major red flag. This is why player reviews, player scores, and other data relating to the experience they have on the live online casino website are so important for analyzing the security of game providers.
  4. Industry Regulations and Certifications. Industry regulators provide auditors who will assess the security of the casino website as well as the live casino games hosted on this site. Casinos will also need to opt into regulatory programs within their specific jurisdictions, and this is a good sign that the casino is responsible and secure. Regulators also offer certifications and accreditations that demonstrate the safety and security of the casino.
  5. Reliable Online Live Casino Support. If players encounter problems during gameplay — or during any other interactions with the live casino — they need to be able to access support. This customer support should be committed to upholding security wherever possible, and it should be effective in troubleshooting player issues.
  6. Responsible Gaming Rules. Live online casinos should adhere to responsible gameplay rules and guidelines, including eliminating advertisements that target potentially vulnerable players. This concept of responsibility is crucial to the ongoing viability of the live casino industry.
  7. Third-Party Websites. All third-party websites that the live casino links to — and all affiliate partners — should abide by the same standards of security. Live casinos should never direct their users to websites that are not secure or safe for users.

Tips on How to Stay Safe

Live online casino game providers have a responsibility to their players. They must make sure the playing environment and experience is safe and secure. However, the players themselves can also take steps to ensure their own safety. This includes bearing in mind the following tips:

  • Use Private Computers and Wi-Fi Connections. Shared computers and public Wi-Fi connections can leave data exposed. Players should only use private computers and secured connections.
  • Stick to Secure Protocols. Customers should check to make sure that the HTTPS secure protocol is displayed in the web browser. Without this, the connection between the player's computer and the live casino site may not be secured.
  • Look for Evidence of Regulation and Accreditation. Trusted live online casinos should display their regulation and accreditation badges clearly on the casino website. Players can look for these badges as clear evidence that they are trustworthy and reliable. If the badges are not displayed, this may be a red flag for the player.
  • Follow the List of Recommended Casino Game Providers. Players can take a look at Live CasinoRank reviews to discover more about the most trusted casinos on the market. These reviews are useful resource for players in search of a safe and secure experience when they play online. Any casinos that are not featured in these reviews — or that receive a negative review from customers on a regular basis — may not be the best choice for the player.