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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Live casino games are becoming the gaming platform of choice so it is important to understand how to play them properly. With this in-depth beginner's guide, we will help every player become an expert when it comes to playing at a Live Casino.

Real-life Live Casino Experience

Real-life Live Casino Experience

Live casino is as close as the player will get to a real-life casino experience. Gamblers can play a range of live casino games with a live dealer in real time. The games are streamed from a studio or a real-land casino.

But, before one can play at a Live Casino, one needs to create an account first. This may seem like a big commitment, but the best way to track the bankroll, game time, and winnings is to have an account. All players have to do is register for an account which will not take more than a couple of minutes of their time. They will have to enter some personal details like name, address, telephone number, and country of residence.

The first thing that players need to do once they set up their account is to limit the amount they will deposit. This is a great way to stay in control of how much a player will gamble.

How do you play against a Live Dealer?

The live dealer is the main point of every live casino game because they perform several functions during the game. First things first, they are the main point of contact, so if a player has a question regarding the game they play they can talk with the Live Dealer. Players can take advantage of the chat function, and type their questions while the live dealer will answer them verbally. Players can also chat with other players.

Live Casino Tips & Tricks

There are a couple of technical things that a player needs to take into consideration before they decide to play Live Casino games.

  1. Check their internet – we can't imagine anything worse than logging into the live casino and getting a buffering stream. Players need to make sure that the internet connection can handle the game before they start playing.
  2. Bet what you can afford – Players need to bet only the amount that they can afford, and this is advice that applies to all games.
  3. Don't chase losses – this is a slippery slope for most players and we can't imagine a scenario where chasing losses will end well. At the end of the day, the casino will always win more than the player, so it is a good idea to stop gambling the moment a player loses all their funds since there will be another day to play.
  4. Know when to quit – similar to the previous advice, players need to know when to stop gambling. It is possible to hit big wins when gambling, but losing is also part of the experience. So players can simply stop and come and play another day.
  5. Live casino etiquette – when playing live casino games, players need to respect the live dealer and the other players. Foul language will not be tolerated in a land-based casino or a live casino lobby.

Have fun – after all, gambling is supposed to be a fun activity, so players should enjoy this unique experience.

How to Win When Playing Live Casino Games

Live casino games offer so much fun, but still, the best part of playing is winning. To win while playing live casino games, players need to combine knowledge and experience and, most of all, lots of luck. The most important thing regarding each live casino game is to know the rules of the game, and this will drastically improve a player's chances of winning. Anyhow, here are some of the best tips players can take into consideration:

  • Know when to hold, and when to fold – when playing live blackjack, players have to take action on every hand that is drawn from the shoe. Knowing how to play blackjack will give every player an advantage. There is a cheat sheet that players can easily find, and this explains what the best move should be depending on the cards a player has at the moment.
  • Place the Banker bet – when playing live baccarat, the Banker bet will win more often than any other bet. Players are usually attracted to the Tie bet because it offers the best payout, but this is the worst possible bet that beginners can place.
  • Play European roulette – when playing live roulette, players should consider the single-zero variant. The double zero wheels might give you another betting option, but the house edge of this wheel is way higher so players should avoid it, at least while they are beginners.
  • Never take insurance – blackjack offers an insurance bet, which looks good on paper, but it rarely works in the player's favor.