Top Live Casinos in Belgium

Casino games have been popular in Belgium for over a century and are likely to soar to new heights. However, most punters are moving from playing their favorite casino games in traditional land-based casinos to live online casinos. That is mostly because live casinos add all the benefits of land-based gaming to online gaming to give punters the best gambling experience.

The laws are also relatively favorable to the online gambling industry in Belgium, helping to fuel its growth. Other reasons making online live gambling popular include lucrative bonuses, easy payment options, and luring marketing campaigns run by operators. Read on to learn more about live casinos, and how to find the best live casino in Belgium suited to your needs.

Top  Live Casinos in Belgium
Belgium Live Casinos

Belgium Live Casinos

The increasing popularity of live casinos in Belgium has attracted numerous live casinos. As a result, most punters get overwhelmed when deciding which live casino to join. Several considerations can help a player make the right choices, a few of which are highlighted below.


Punters should limit their options to credible live casinos in Belgium. As such, they must first ensure the casinos have valid licenses and operating permits from the relevant regulatory authorities. Punters should then check real and reliable reviews and user feedback of the casinos to find out the experience they are likely to get after joining.

Customer Support Services

Choosing a live casino with a dependable customer service department comes in handy whenever punters experience an issue. The faster any arising problems are solved, the sooner punters can resume gaming. Ideally, punters should also consider the language offered for customer services to ensure they experience minimal language barrier challenges.

Games Offered

Most punters are usually particular regarding the game they want to play in live casinos. That is especially the case regarding the numerous variations of most of the popular live casino games created by different game developers. Punters should thus consider only the casinos that offer the top live casino games of their choice. Those with a wide variety of live games can also be advantageous.

Belgium Live Casinos
Best Bonuses in Belgium

Best Bonuses in Belgium

Bonuses are among the most common features in live casinos. Different casino providers offer different types and amounts of bonuses depending on their target markets and competitive edge. Most bonus types are usually beneficial to punters. However, some are not worth the effort of claiming because of unreasonable conditions and wagering requirements. Some of the popular bonuses among Belgian punters are highlighted below.

Welcome Bonuses

Nearly all live casinos in Belgium offer welcome bonuses. That gives punters a great opportunity to get their bankrolls started and minimize the risk of financial loss while still trying to figure out the ins and outs of the casino. Most casinos usually offer the bonus as a percentage of the first deposit punters make, but a few offer no-deposit welcome bonuses. However, the no-deposit welcome bonuses usually have tougher wagering requirements.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are designed to keep punters playing at the same casino. They are thus awarded to punters who bet regularly over a set period, usually weeks. Some live casinos award loyalty bonuses based on the amount a punter spends. For example, a punter may be awarded a loyalty bonus for every X amount wagered within a period. That means punters can claim the bonus even daily if they meet the targets.

Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses are popular among punters because they usually have the best wagering requirements. Ideally, the casinos offer cashback bonuses to punters who lose their wagers, as long as they meet all the qualifications for the bonus.

Reload Bonuses

As the name suggests, reload bonuses are usually offered for subsequent reloads after the initial deposit that attracts the welcome bonus. They are typically less than the welcome bonus but might have the same requirements.

Best Bonuses in Belgium
Payment Methods in Belgium Casinos

Payment Methods in Belgium Casinos

Belgian punters have numerous options to consider when it comes to payment options. Most live casinos in the country accept both local and international payment options. However, each option has its pros and cons, making some more popular than others. Below are some of the most popular payment methods in Belgium.


E-wallets are particularly popular among Belgian punters because they allow withdrawal of funds from the live casino accounts, unlike many other alternatives. That ensures punters do not need to use different payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. Most e-wallets have also proven secure and reliable and offer immediate payment processing.

Banking Cards

Banking cards are also popular mainly because they are easily accessible to punters. Most Belgians use cash or banking cards to pay for most regular purchases. That means most punters already have banking cards and do not need to go through opening banking accounts processes to start playing live games. Credit and debit cards are also relatively easy to use.

Direct Bank Transfers

Direct bank transfer is another popular alternative for punters looking to make large funds deposits. The payment method offers usually offer the best limits regarding the amount punters can deposit per day or transaction. It also allows the use of the local currency, the Euro.

Payment Methods in Belgium Casinos
Laws and Restrictions in Belgium

Laws and Restrictions in Belgium

There are several Acts defining the regulatory framework regarding gambling in Belgium. The main ones include the:

  • Gaming Act of May 1999
  • Lotteries Act of December 1851
  • National Lottery Act of April 2002

However, all those Acts were designed to regulate land-based casinos.

Online casinos remained unregulated in Belgium until 2011, after the Gaming Act was amended to adopt proper regulation of online betting and online games of chance. The amendment introduced regulated licensing of all online casinos operating within the country. It seemed to work relatively well for some time, but the popularity of online gambling surged, and the government had to take more action. The Belgian legislators amended the Gaming Act again in 2019 to ensure more effective online gambling regulation, including live gaming.

The Gambling Act

The Act is based on two pillars. The first one focuses on the monopoly of public lotteries. It declares that public lotteries can only be offered by a national lottery operator owned by the state, except small charity raffles and lotteries that receive prior authorization from the state.

The second pillar prohibits all activities involving games of chance, except operators granted licenses by the Belgian Gaming Commission. There Belgian Gaming Commission can issue different licenses depending on games offered, target market, and several other factors.


Live casino operators are must meet several qualifications to qualify for a license to operate in Belgium. Such include providing evidence of good conduct and legitimate source of funds. Operators must also pay various relevant fees during the license application process. The Belgian Gaming Commission typically offers a limited number of licenses as part of regulatory measures, meaning operators are never assured of getting one even if they meet all the qualifications.

Laws and Restrictions in Belgium