Top Welcome Bonuses 2023

Head to pretty much any online casino in the world and you'll be greeted by a welcome bonus. While casino welcome bonuses take many different forms and come themed in a huge number of ways, the basic idea is always the same: sign up, make a deposit and get a big extra bonus to play with.

Top Welcome Bonuses 2023

What is a Live Casino Welcome Bonus?

Usually activated when a brand-new player first makes a deposit, although sometimes without needing a deposit at all. Once the account is confirmed as active, the casino will activate its own specific welcome bonus, and while the exact offers are different between sites, they can often look very similar. More importantly, each welcome bonus will come with its own set of rules and restrictions on how it can be used. Below is a full run-down of how to find the best casino welcome offers and how you can get the most out of them.

Best Welcome Bonus Live Casinos

When it comes to specific live casino sites, finding exactly which have better or worse welcome bonuses can be tricky. Not only do they come in many different varieties, but many offers can look very similar. For example, one casino may offer bonus funds that are 3x your original deposit but get capped at $100 total, while others may offer 2x your deposit but have a cap of $500.

Similarly, you may receive 20 free spins on a less popular game, or get 10 spins on one of the biggest titles. Unfortunately, there's no tried-and-true way to tell which offer is the best casino welcome bonus with any great accuracy. It will always come down to player judgment and which kinds of bonus are more interesting to you as a player.

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Live Casino Welcome Bonus
  • Bonus Funds/Match Bonus - These are extra funds on your account that can usually be used on a single title or any game from a list. When you use them on games, the bonus funds get used up first before your regular funds do. In most cases, the amount of the bonus matches the amount you deposit, and for players looking to just play more, this is the best welcome bonus type to go for.
  • Free Spins - These work similarly to bonus funds, except you get a set number of spins that have a set value. Live casino free spins usually don't increase with larger first deposits, but instead have a minimum deposit amount to activate. They are restricted to a single game in most casinos, although some offer a choice of two or three titles to use them on. This is the type that you'll find in the best no deposit welcome bonus offers as well as it isn't dependent on how much you put in.
  • Cashback Bonus - The least common of the three, cashback bonuses will return a portion of the lost bets from your first day or first week of play. This bonus is much more commonly used as a loyalty bonus instead of a welcome bonus though.
Welcome Bonuses vs. No Deposit Bonuses: Which is Better for Live Casino Players?

Cashable vs Non-Cashable Welcome Bonus?

What makes a bonus cashable is that when the requirements have been met, a cashable bonus can be cashed out from your account in full. This naturally makes a cashable welcome bonus the more popular for players out of the two. With non-cashable bonuses, the bonus itself cannot be cashed out, so when you go to withdraw the bonus amount is deducted from any amount cashed out.

Key Features of Cashable Welcome Bonuses

  • No limits on the withdrawal
  • Lower wagering requirements
  • Will be added to winnings when withdrawn
  • Tend to be smaller

Key Features of Non-Cashable Welcome Bonuses

  • Always stay with the casino and not withdrawn
  • Wagering requirements are usually larger
  • Usually, these bonuses are larger than cashable welcome bonuses

How to Claim a Live Casino Welcome Bonus?

With most casinos, there's no need to directly claim your live casino bonuses. Usually, as soon as you complete your first deposit that reaches a minimum amount, you'll get a casino joining bonus immediately added to your account as it is an automated process.

If the welcome bonus is for bonus funds, you will then see an additional amount in your site balance. For example, if you deposit 20 and the welcome bonus is 200%, your initial balance will instead show 60.

If the welcome bonus is for free spins, these will not show on your balance but instead will show on the game that the free spins apply to.

How to Meet Live Casino Welcome Bonus Wagering Requirements

Welcome Bonus Wagering Requirements

With welcome bonuses at live casinos, the wagering requirements vary from bonus to bonus. The most common requirement is that a certain number of bets must be placed at a specific bet value or higher, although some may instead ask for a total value of bets to be reached.

Until the wagering requirements are completed, live casinos will not let you withdraw any bonus funds. As a note, a no wagering requirement casino bonus should be treated as extra rare although they do happen at some live casinos.

Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

Which terms and conditions apply for specific bonuses are different for every casino. However, it is guaranteed that every bonus will have rules behind them. This could be the wagering requirements, the specific casino games available to use the free spins on, or any other requirements. It is extremely important as a new play to read the welcome bonus terms and conditions to avoid any surprises down the line.

Minimum Deposit

There is a standard feature at any live casino where the initial deposit must be over a certain value. This usually sits within the range of $5-20 with different amounts depending on the casino, and sometimes depending on the specific offer at that casino. Usually, smaller deposits can be made but they won't trigger the bonus.

Withdrawal Limits

Regardless of how much is won via the welcome bonus, there is always a withdrawal limit that applies on any wins at a live casino. This varies heavily between different casinos but can range from anywhere between $500 to $10,000 in some cases. This means that winnings must be withdrawn in multiple transactions.


Welcome Bonus Advantages

The biggest advantage of using welcome bonuses is getting an extra boost to your first play at the casino. It's less about a specific advantage though, and more about getting something for free with no real downsides. How much value you get depends on the live casino, but generally, it's all added value.

The biggest benefits come when you go for welcome bonuses with specific games in mind. For example, a live roulette welcome bonus or a live blackjack welcome bonus are both likely to be more generous than a welcome bonus that applies to any games on the casino site. This is also true of welcome bonus slots that are specifically chosen to be included; they are often more valuable than offers that cover multiple games.

The Pros and Cons of Live Casino Welcome Bonuses

Casino Payment Methods for Welcome Bonuses

One of the biggest plus points to live casino welcome bonuses is that, in the vast majority of cases, the casinos don't care what method of deposit methods you use. Whether you use a credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin or anything else, almost all welcome bonuses will trigger in the same way.

The most commonly accepted payment methods that trigger welcome bonuses are:

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iGaming is a competitive business right now. Live casinos know this to perfection, which is why they provide generous live casino welcome bonus offers to entice new customers.

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The best live casino welcome bonus offered by the top live casinos is one of the main draws for new customers. However, the wagering requirements associated with these bonuses are extremely important to remember since they may significantly improve your playing experience.

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With more and more live casinos on the market right now, there's a need to get new players signing up accounts. A live casino welcome bonus is one such tactic. However, there are pros and cons to these bonuses, as there are to every promo.

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Over the last couple of years, live casinos have become an increasingly important part of the booming iGaming industry. To stand out from the sheer number of competitors, the best live casinos now provide a wide variety of perks and benefits to new and returning customers.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

Can you get more than one welcome bonus?

With a single live casino, you can only get the welcome bonus once. The only way to get more than one bonus is to deposit at more than one casino.

Can you get welcome bonuses without depositing?

While it is rare, some live casinos do offer welcome bonuses with no deposit, instead using other means of verification to activate it. However, no deposit welcome bonuses are often less valuable than the ones that require a deposit.

Do bonus funds apply for more than one deposit?

When a live casino offer bonus funds, they usually only apply to the first deposit. If that first deposit is below the maximum bonus limit offered, then any missing bonus is no longer possible to get. That's why it's better value to make a larger deposit at first as it's the only time to make use of the bonus.

Is it possible to lose your welcome bonus?

In some live casinos, there are certain limits on using your welcome bonus, with the most common being a time limit. This can be anything from a few days, to a week, to a month, but after that point any unused bonuses are lost permanently.

Why do casinos offer welcome bonuses?

For the casinos, giving welcome bonus offers is a way to reward the player for choosing them over other casinos, as they know that offering the best bonuses means a player is more likely to come back again and again.