April 20, 2021

Pro Advice on How to Win at Roulette

Liam O'Sullivan
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Playing live roulette online is undoubtedly fun and rewarding. However, losing and winning are all part of the game. Like many other online casino games, luck plays a significant role in the outcome of a roulette bet. But luck isn’t everything here. After experiencing a painful losing run, you may want to consider some winning roulette points. So, this article has compiled a few winning techniques that are sure to get you back to winning ways.

Pro Advice on How to Win at Roulette

Consider Playing Free Roulette

You can spend years testing roulette systems for any weakness with zero success. But one thing is for sure, playing roulette for free lets you know the ins and outs of the game without paying a dime. With the freeplay option, you can sharpen your playing skills without risking anything. In most cases, online casinos offer new players free bonus money to practice and win at roulette if they are lucky. Just don’t forget to read the bonus terms and conditions first.

Check the Table Limits

Seasoned online casino players know that the bankroll size can make or break your career. But that’s not the issue here because your big bankroll can deplete in a matter of minutes if you choose the wrong table. Table limits are the minimum, and maximum bet amounts allowed during gameplay. The best online live casinos let players make bets starting from $1 to $5. So, if a play has a $200 bankroll and choose a $5 table, it means they only have 40 rounds which is a handful.

American Roulette Vs. European Roulette

While this online roulette strategy sounds obvious to most experienced punters, it can be confusing to newbies. If you don’t know, any roulette player worth their salt shouldn’t play the American version. Reason? The American wheel with double zero (00) slashes your winning odds to one in 38 for every single number bet. In short, you have one chance in every 38 to win during a single number wager. On the other hand, European roulette offers you one winning opportunity in every 37 single number bets. Therefore, play the European version any day, any time.

Separate Your Winnings from the Bankroll

This is another obvious roulette strategy that most players forget. For example, a player can walk in with a $100 bankroll and use $15 on their first bet. Luck then smiles, and the player wins $30 on a column. Now this means that you’ve made a $15 profit with your original bankroll still intact. In such a scenario, the best thing to do is to withdraw the $15 to avoid the temptation of going for big numbers. So, always play with the original bankroll and leave the table as soon as you make a win.

Be a Keen Observer

While the type of table you choose can make all the difference, your behavior on the wheel is also important. Generally, there is no harm in waiting for a few roulette wheel spins before placing your first bet. Take note of tiny but essential aspects, such as if the roulette wheel is slant or wobbling. You can also take see if the dealer is consistent in spinning the wheel. And most importantly, avoid too much alcohol as you can easily lose track of bets.

Final Words

Playing roulette for free should be the first online roulette strategy to employ before anything else. While you won’t win anything in most cases, the experience you gain will come in handy during those real-money sessions. All in all, play on regulated online casinos as they are most likely to offer you free lunch.

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