October 4, 2023

Best Live Dealer Games for Pro Gamblers

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As a pro gambler, your skill set and strategic approach to games are your most valuable assets. In the realm of online live casinos, the evolution of technology has resulted in an increasingly authentic gaming experience that can significantly benefit the seasoned player. This is where you can apply your insight to some of the best live dealer games designed for the professional's mindset.

Best Live Dealer Games for Pro Gamblers

Immersive Roulette: European Style With an Edge

Immersive Roulette provides a sophisticated twist to the classic European Roulette, which already appeals to pros with its single-zero layout, reducing the house edge compared to its American counterpart. The game's high-definition, cinematic camera angles not only add visual depth but offer a strategic advantage—allowing for closer observations of the wheel and ball motion. As a professional, you can leverage this enhanced view to analyze the spin outcomes, and wheel biases, and refine your betting strategy. The live slow-motion replays of the ball landing to confirm outcomes offer an additional layer of transparency, helping to plan future bets and minimize risks.

Infinite Blackjack: Pushing the Limits of Card Play

Infinite Blackjack takes the core of the classic game and expands it for an infinite number of players. This game is not just about your hand but also offers a communal dimension where strategic thinking extends to the actions and decisions of others. With the option to 'bet behind', pros can capitalize on the successful strategies of their peers. The 'Six Card Charlie' rule, which awards a win to any six-card hand not busting, adds an interesting tactical layer. A pro's approach to Infinite Blackjack might involve a combination of traditional card counting, keen observation of other players' actions, and strategic side betting to maximize the potential for profit.

Speed Baccarat: Fast-Paced and Strategy-Driven

Speed Baccarat keeps the fundamental rules of standard Baccarat intact while significantly increasing the pace of gameplay. In this turbo-charged version, professionals are drawn to the swift nature of the game, which can see a new round starting as rapidly as every 27 seconds. This rapid progression requires seasoned players to utilize quick thinking and a robust betting strategy. Pros often engage in pattern recognition, noting down sequences and using this information to anticipate outcomes. While it's a game traditionally based on chance, the rapid-fire nature of Speed Baccarat allows the experienced gambler to apply a system of fast betting adjustments, maximizing the potential for profit in a shorter session timeframe.

Casino Hold’em: Going Beyond Texas Hold'em

Casino Hold'em is an engaging twist on the well-known Texas Hold'em Poker, adapted specifically for casino players and providing a more solitary gaming experience against the house rather than other players. Professionals approach Casino Hold'em with a blend of tight and aggressive play, knowing when to fold their hands and when to push their chips. Understanding the odds and probabilities of pre-flop hands is crucial, as is the ability to read the dealer's qualifying hands. The professional gambler will employ a disciplined bankroll strategy, only proceeding past the flop with hands that have a statistical advantage.

Lightning Dice: High Stakes and Rapid Outcomes

Lightning Dice attracts players at online live dealer casinos who thrive on high stakes and quick results. In this game, RNG multipliers can dramatically increase payouts, providing the potential for substantial wins. Pros in this game are adept at managing their bets in accordance with the odds of certain dice rolls occurring. They understand the importance of balancing the volatility of the multipliers with a solid grasp of probability and a keen sense of timing. Seasoned players know that managing their bankrolls effectively is key to staying in the game and capitalizing on the multipliers when they hit.

No Commission Baccarat: Maximizing Winnings

No Commission Baccarat offers a unique twist on the traditional game by eliminating the 5% commission on banker bet wins. This modification alters the payout structure and the house edge, presenting a different landscape for the professional gambler. Pros analyze the changed odds, adapting their bet-sizing and frequency accordingly. The removal of the commission encourages strategies that can leverage the banker bet's slightly more favorable odds, offering a nuanced advantage that experienced players can exploit.

Casino Holdem

VIP and Salon Privé Tables: Exclusive High-Stakes Play

VIP and Salon Privé tables cater to the true lovers of the casino world, the player who seeks not just high stakes but also an exclusive gaming environment. These tables offer high-roller pros the dual benefits of high betting limits and privacy. At this level, professionals can often negotiate game rules, utilize tailored advice from personal account managers, and enjoy extended betting options. The high-stakes environment is not just about larger wins—it’s about a bespoke gaming experience that allows for a level of play and service that is not available in standard casino offerings.


For the professional gambler, live dealer games offer more than just a chance to place a bet—they present an opportunity to employ deep strategy and skill. From the strategic intricacies of Casino Hold'em and the quick-play excitement of Lightning Dice to the adjusted payout benefits of No Commission Baccarat and the exclusive atmosphere of VIP and Salon Privé tables, there is a rich variety of games suited to the professional's arsenal. These games not only provide a platform for pros to apply their skills but also enhance their experience within the live casino environment. Mastery of these games combined with a dedication to responsible gambling can pave the way for a successful and lucrative career in the world of professional gambling.

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