April 2, 2021

Bizarre Things Punters Bet On

Liam O'Sullivan
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Although a cold streak is usual in the unforgiving betting world, it’s not something to enjoy. So, if you’ve been experiencing an extended losing run, maybe it’s time to try something crazy. But what exactly are these crazy bets that can win you easy money? Below is a list of the weirdest things to gamble on in 2021.

Bizarre Things Punters Bet On

1. End of the world

Yes! People actually bet on when the world would end. You can place a $100 bet on the world ceasing to exist before 2030 or any other year. However, you can’t predict the world will end in 2060 when you’re already 70 years old. The chances are that you won’t be around on that sad day. Even worse, it’s not yet clear how bettors will claim their winnings if the world ceases to exist.

2. Wife-carrying

This sport (that’s right, it’s a sport) has long been considered a recreational activity with a comedic twinge. Wife-carrying was invented in Northern Europe and features some basic rules. You carry your partner and complete a series of obstacles. As expected, the champion is the team that wins the game the fastest. This sport is common in Australia, Estonia, Finland, and Ireland.

3. Proof of alien life

You can place a wager on when scientists will discover life somewhere besides Earth. But how can you prove this for sure? First, you must dig around the internet for some vital information. Interestingly, some online casinos and sportsbooks allow wagers when the US president will finally announce to the world that NASA has discovered intelligent life out there. There have been several allegations of UFO sightings, although there’s no proof yet.

4. Celebrity deaths

As cruel as it sounds, people predict the death of others and make money off it. Celebrity deaths come with their own niches around the community. After all, death is inevitable. However, check with your country’s gambling laws to see if betting on someone’s death is legal. For example, in the United States, this type of bet is illegal. Now that’s a bizarre bet there!

5. WWE

By now, any WWE fan should know that the sport is fake. So, how can bettors predict the outcome of a match that the result is already predetermined? Here is the thing; WWE match outcomes are now secretively guarded than ever. If there were any leaks, you can be sure that bookies would close shop and head home. In fact, any form of a professional wrestling match is worth your attention.

6. Betting everything you own

History has it that Ashley Revell, an Englishman, decided to wager everything he had in his name on a roulette wheel in 2004. Incredibly, Revel won by doubling the original stake times two. Later on, he used the winnings to set up a poker advisory company. In reality, you shouldn’t risk your entire fortune on a wager. That’s because casinos always win thanks to the house edge. So, always have a betting bankroll.

7. The next Pope

Generally, betting and religion don’t mix. Religious beliefs are even one of the main reasons why gambling is illegal in some jurisdictions. But apparently, it’s legal to place a wager on the next Pope in most countries. If you don’t know, the Pope is the leader of all Catholic churches. Currently, American sportsbooks are already accepting bets on who will be the new Pope.


These are some of the crazy bets that people engage in out there. However, you need to decide if it’s worth waiting until the end times to win the bet. Would you do that?

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