April 14, 2021

Signs that You Can be a Pro Gambler

Liam O'Sullivan
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Millions of people worldwide gamble in one way or another. This is despite gambling being considered one of the most challenging ways to make money. But you’ve probably heard of professional casino players who have a reputation for living large. Do they fake it? Well, becoming a professional gambler is an ongoing process that is psychologically demanding. So, if you have some of these traits, know that you might be ready to go

Signs that You Can be a Pro Gambler

Positive Outlook

Successful gamblers are strong psychologically. They don’t throw in the towel after a painful losing streak, and they always find out ways to create a new stake after losing a bet. Also, they learn to live with the wicked house edge, which is the main reason behind a demoralizing losing streak. Note that the law of probability states that winning is the next thing after a losing run. So, how you deal with cold situations determines if you have what it take to be a pro gambler.

Bankroll Management

There is no other way around this fact. You simply must be good at managing your gambling budget to enjoy success. Bankroll management involves setting up a specific budget and sticking to it always. Experts recommend that you should create an account 1000x the minimum bet. Although that may sound too much, it gives you the leverage to keep playing even during a losing run. After all, professional players stick to the formula, not the amount.

Financial Security

Bankroll management and financial security go hand in hand. It’s reckless to ditch a steady job to become a pro gambler. At the very least, have a steady income source for a few months as you try to get used to the professional world of gambling. In short, gamble when you know you can pay your bills back at home. And as the saying goes, don’t play with scared money.

High Interpersonal Skills

Skill and competence are vital when interacting with other casino players. The most successful punters are usually charming, friendly, and honest. They always avoid unnecessary arguments and will find a spot to accommodate other people’s views. You must be an attentive listener, as people, including the pit boss, like this trait. Also, a pro gambler should lean forward attentively and have a welcoming posture. Of course, high etiquette should apply when you are playing on online live casinos, as well. A foul mouth can get you kicked out of the room and your account suspended altogether.

Play Games of Skill

Do you know why successful casino players give video slots a wide berth? It’s not only about the steep house edge that comes with these popular casino games, but also the gamep lay. Typically, there is no known strategy to reduce the house edge when spinning the reels. But with skill games like blackjack, you can slash the house advantage by counting cards. Another game that has a super-low house edge is video poker. So, take advantage of strategy games to the fullest.

Have an Exit Strategy

Even the most professional punter has an escape route in their strategy. The plan is always to know when to quit. Don’t keep on playing even when your bankroll is dwindling and luck isn’t on your side. You can spend more than you should by chasing losses. Also, don’t accept incentives such as blackjack insurance, as this is a trick by the casino to increase the house edge and keep you playing. Live to fight another day!

Final Advice

The Covid-19 pandemic brought most land-based casinos on their knees. But that doesn’t mean quitting your gambling career. Just open an online casino account and employ your expertise by playing live table games managed by real-life croupiers. You may end up never setting foot on that brick-and-mortar casino again.

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