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Evolution Gaming has a relatively extensive collection of live blackjack titles under its name. However, it reserves its most attractive and luxurious blackjack casino games for VIP players. Fortune VIP blackjack live by Evolution is one such game. The game is hosted by some of the most experienced professional live dealers on a table with an elegant grey layout.

The alluring nature of the game is not limited to its aesthetics. It has several essential and unique features that help make the gaming experience realistic, entertaining, and luxurious, among other things that punters may look for in a live casino game. It also has several side bets that make it more interesting.

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What is Live Fortune VIP Blackjack?

Live fortune VIP blackjack is recorded from the Evolution Gaming studio in Latvia. The live casino studio has a plush crimson Chinese-based design, with attractive live dealers in Chinese outfits. Punters can stream it live in impeccable HD quality, as is expected with all VIP-reserved casino games live.

Live fortune VIP blackjack has a relatively high minimum limit of €250, designed to keep all non-VIP players away from the table. The maximum bet limit is €5000. The game also offers a variety of bonuses, which helps punters manage their bankroll more effectively. The bonuses are desirable but come with relatively demanding wagering requirements.

How to Play Live Fortune VIP Blackjack

Punters must register at Evolution live casinos offering the game to play live fortune VIP blackjack. Finding such casinos is relatively easy, especially when using a live casino ranking site. The next step is to deposit more than €250 into the live gaming account for placing wagers. Some casino operators might require punters to join their VIP club via a membership invitation to access the VIP games.


The game starts with punters placing their bets, which must be within the allowed prescribed limits. The live dealer then distributes the initial two cards to each player, using specified rules for dealing cards. Punters can win on the first two cards if the values of their cards add up to 21, known as blackjack. If the live dealer scores a blackjack and the punter does not have a blackjack, the punter loses. When both parties get a blackjack, the bet is pushed.

If there is no blackjack, the players can utilize any options available to increase their winning chances. The possibilities include hit, stand, double down, and split. The live dealer must draw an additional card until they get 16 and have to stand on any 17. If the player scores more than the casino live dealer without exceeding 21, he wins the round.

Rules of Live Fortune VIP Blackjack

The standard blackjack rules apply to live fortune VIP blackjack, like with most live casino software providers, but with minor differences to make the live game suitable for its target audience. Players can double on any hand, with an exception on splits. Also, punters who choose to split aces can add only one card to a split ace. Punters are allowed to insure against the dealer's blackjack only if the dealer reveals an ace. Punters insure their bets by paying 50% of their bets.

Side Bets

Live fortune VIP blackjack also allows punters to place 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets. Such can help make the already-high-stakes game more thrilling and suitable for punters who enjoy high risks with attractive payouts.

Essential Tips

There are several tips that punters can employ to enhance their gaming experience. The most obvious one is regarding the right strategy to apply. Choosing an effective strategy can help reduce the burden of decision-making and increase winning chances. Punters should also play the game at the best live casinos. Different live dealer online casinos may offer different experiences, especially regarding other features such as payment options, bonus terms, and streaming up-time.

Live Fortune VIP Blackjack Payouts

Live fortune VIP blackjack has a relatively attractive RTP rate, which attracts many high rollers and VIP punters. The RTP rate, 99.29%, is among the highest offered for VIP games. However, RTP rates higher than that might not be worth it for casino operators to provide the additional VIP features because the house edge will be too low.

The payouts are also desirable, especially for a blackjack win. Blackjack attracts a payout of 3:1, unlike in other casino live table games where the payout is 3:2. This is because punters get an equivalent amount to what they had wagered for regular wins. Insured bets have payout rates of 2:1.

The side bets offer the best payout rates. For example, 21+3 side bets can pay at a rate of up to 100:1, which is for having the two initial cards and live dealer's face-up card all being the same number and suit. However, the RTP rates for the side bets are relatively low due to the extremely low probabilities of winning.

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