10 Live Casinos That Use Apple Pay for Secure Deposits

As a live casino gambler, nothing would be more annoying than troublesome, slow deposits with safety concerns. This is why Apple Pay casinos have become so beloved. Apple Pay’s user-friendliness and ease of access make it one of the best payment methods to use for live casino transactions.

Today, you can find tens of reputable Apple Pay casinos, but choosing the top one may be complicated. That’s why we’ve put together an in-depth overview of the best Apple Pay casinos available for you right now, so you can jump right into your live casino experience. Read further to understand exactly how Apple Pay casinos operate.

10 Live Casinos That Use Apple Pay for Secure Deposits
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What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is the built-in payment method for all iOS devices - from iPhone 6, you can use Apple Pay. In its essence, Apple Pay is linked to your regular payment card and makes transactions straight from the card, so it’s an easier and more convenient way to make debit and credit card payments. All payments get confirmed with your Face ID or Touch ID, making transactions extremely secure.

Since Apple Pay works as a connector between your card and the payment provider, these transactions tend to work much smoother than with regular debit card payments. What’s more, you don’t need to dig out your wallet to grab your card or enter your card details anymore. Paying with Apple Pay is literally a matter of tapping your phone and the payment is done.

This convenience makes it clear why so many new Apple Pay casino sites are popping up. Entering your card details at every casino site all over again is annoying and time-consuming, but thanks to Apple Pay, casino transactions work now much faster.

Plus, Apple Pay casino sites are automatically safer due to the fact you can only deposit money after confirming the payment with your Face ID.

How to Choose The Best Apple Pay Live Casino?

The tricky part of using Apple Pay is finding the best casinos that accept Apple Pay. Unfortunately, not all live casinos support Apple Pay yet, so finding an ApplePay casino may not always be the easiest.

Once you find live online casinos that take Apple Pay, you’ll next need to figure out whether the casino complies with high standards and is capable of providing you with a great experience. For that reason, Live CasinoRank has listed the best ApplePay casinos right here, but before you decide on the best casino, consider these factors that should always be present at every top-range live casino:

  1. License - It should go without saying, but every Apple Pay live casino should carry a valid gambling license. We especially advise choosing casinos that are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission.
  2. Payment terms - You may find a casino Apple Pay, but the payment method itself is not the most important aspect yet. You should also read the casino’s terms and conditions that detail the casino’s payment limits, withdrawal speed, and any possible restrictions.
  3. Bonuses - Getting some extra perks and benefits is always fun, and that’s why live casino bonuses are so valuable. But in addition to the selection of casino bonuses, you should also read the terms and conditions: all bonuses come with some wagering requirements that may make it tougher to actually redeem the bonus money.
  4. Game selection and software - This may be the most important aspect, since after all, that’s the one thing that keeps you playing. The best live casinos pack a variety of live dealer games and, of course, collaborate with all the top software providers like Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play.

How to Make a Live Casino Deposit Using Apple Pay?

After finding the best casinos accepting Apple Pay, you may wonder how Apple Pay deposits actually work. Here are the main steps to follow when it comes to making your first Apple Pay casino deposit:

  1. Set up your Apple Pay on your device. First, you need to set up Apple Pay on your device. Follow Apple’s instructions to set up your debit card in your Apple wallet - it shouldn’t take more than a few moments.
  2. Initiate the deposit in the casino. After having set up Apple Pay, head to your chosen live casino and open the ‘cashier’ section to start the deposit. Choose Apple Pay as your preferred deposit method.
  3. Enter the amount to proceed. Next, enter your desired deposit amount. Apple Pay deposit limit varies depending on the casino, but usually, you can easily start with 10 to 20 dollars at a minimum.
  4. Confirm the transaction. Last, you’ll have to confirm the deposit with your Face ID or Touch ID. Without confirming the transaction, your deposit won’t go through - this is why Apple Pay deposits are touted as some of the safest out there.

How to Withdraw Money from a Live Casino Using Apple Pay?

There’s one significant downside to consider when it comes to using Apple Pay. Unfortunately, Apple Pay casino withdrawal is not currently possible at any casinos, since Apple Pay in its essence doesn’t support the withdrawal mechanics.

If you’d like to withdraw money from top Apple Pay live casinos, your only option is using some alternative payment methods. Instead of Apple Pay withdrawal, you can normally opt for a regular bank transfer or card payment, so your winnings will be sent to another payment method.

There’s no need to worry about withdrawals at Apple Pay casinos despite the lack of this withdrawal support, since all top casinos have several withdrawal methods in place and you can bet these options will work perfectly for your needs, too.

Apple Pay Supported Currencies

Though top Apple Pay casinos support all of the main currencies (like EUR and USD), one of the perks of using Apple Pay for casino deposits is Apple Pay currency conversion.

If you happen to sign up at live casinos where your regular currencies aren’t supported, you can use the help of Apple Pay. Apple Pay supports all the major currencies and it’s almost impossible for you to end up in a situation where your currency isn’t supported.

Apple Pay is supported practically everywhere globally, except for a few regions (for instance, in Africa, only South Africa supports Apple Pay). You can always find the full list of Apple Pay currencies and supported countries on the Apple website.

Pros and Cons of Apple Pay

Apple Pay gambling definitely comes with its benefits, but it may not always be the ideal payment method. Before you make up your mind on whether you’d like to use Apple Pay, consider the following Apple Pay benefits as well as its downsides.

Benefits of Apple Pay:

  • Fast and convenient - If you already have Apple Pay set up on your device, confirming the live casino deposit takes literally a moment. It may be one of the fastest and most user-friendly methods to use in live casinos.
  • Secure - Security is largely Apple Pay’s biggest benefit. All transactions need to be confirmed by you via Face ID or Touch ID, making it one of the safest live casino payment methods.
  • Many bonuses available - Some payment methods may restrict releasing bonuses (like some electronic wallets). That won’t be the case when using Apple Pay - you may even have special Apple Pay bonuses available.

Downsides of Apple Pay:

  • Only for Apple devices - Of course, the main downside is related to Apple Pay’s device restriction. You can only use this payment method if you have an iPhone (any version above iPhone 6.0).
  • May not be available in all live casinos - Though Apple Pay casinos are becoming more and more common, it’s still not available everywhere, so your options may be limited.
  • No withdrawals possible - Sadly, one of the biggest downsides of using Apple Pay is its lack of withdrawal support. If you want to withdraw your winnings, you’ll have to use some other payment methods instead.

Apple Pay Safety and Security

Safety comes first with every live casino gambling venture, and if this is one of your concerns too, it should be noted that Apple Pay safety features are some of the industry’s highest and most advanced.

It’s essential to understand that Apple Pay, in its essence, is as secure as any payment service can get. Apple Pay security is built on the fact that every transaction needs to be confirmed with your Face ID or Touch ID, both of which can’t be hacked or manipulated. There are countless videos on social media about people trying to outsmart Apple Pay safety and its Face ID feature and most of these tries have failed.

Using Apple Pay is perhaps one of the safest casino payment methods out there, mainly due to this unique safety feature that literally requires your face and identity to work.

Get a Live Casino Bonus Using Apple Pay

When you first sign up at a live casino, you may notice an array of bonus offers and promotions. Fortunately, Apple Pay casino bonuses are also up for grabs, since most live casinos don’t limit Apple Pay for bonus offers in any way.

Deposit Bonuses

The most common promotion you may find is the Apple Pay sign up bonus, which is available immediately after registering for a live casino account. It will require you to place a deposit with your Apple Pay, after which the bonus is released to your account right away.

This traditional deposit bonus may reach enormous amounts, but the exact Apple Pay bonus always depends on the size of your deposit. In most cases, the sign up bonus stays around a couple of hundred dollars, which is still a substantial bonus to get started with live dealer games.

Regular Bonuses and Promotions

Later on, when you’ve already become a client at the live casino, you can find several other Apple Pay bonus offers, depending on the live casino. It’s common to find a special Apple Pay cashback bonus: a bonus that gets added to your account if you lose some money.

This special treatment may sometimes be reserved just for VIP players, but other times, you may get the cashback right away - again, it depends on the live casino.

No matter which Apple Pay casino bonus you’re hunting for, always remember to read the terms and conditions. Each live casino has a set of rules when it comes to releasing bonus funds or such, and it’s extremely important to comply with these terms. For instance, the casino may have a bonus wagering condition or time restrictions. All of this should be known to you before you even decide whether the bonus offer works for you or not.

Best Alternatives to Apple Pay

Apple Pay casinos may be great choices for iOS users, but if you don’t have an Apple device, you are most likely looking for an alternative to Apple Pay on Android. Here are some of the best Apple Pay alternatives, if, for any reason, Apple Pay doesn’t work well for your live casino experience:

  • Google Pay - Google Pay is the best alternative for Android users since it works essentially the same way as Apple Pay does. The only difference is the fact it’s meant for Android devices alone.
  • Electronic wallets - Skrill and Neteller are two of the world’s most popular e-wallets for live casino payments, and facilitate quick and easy casino transactions.
  • Bank account - Using your regular bank account is always an option, especially if you’re concerned about security. The main trouble is the hassle: using your bank account is clearly a little bit more cumbersome.
  • Regular debit card - Another Apple Pay alternative involves just using your debit card without any intermediaries. In this case, you’ll have to enter your card information during the deposit, just like for any normal transactions.
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Everything you need to know about casinos

Do casinos take Apple Pay?

Yes, there are tens of trustworthy live casinos that accept Apple Pay as one possible deposit method. You can find the top Apple Pay live casinos by checking out our big comparison list and casino reviews.

Are there any transaction fees involved when using Apple Pay?

Normally, there shouldn’t be any fees involved with Apple Pay casino deposits, but it may depend on the casino. Some casinos may ask for a transaction fee, so make sure to carefully read the casino’s payment terms.

How do I use Apple Pay at a casino?

If you have Apple Pay set up on your phone already, the whole process is practically automated. You just need to confirm the transaction with your Face ID or Touch ID and the casino payment will be instantly processed. Using Apple Pay at live casinos is no different from using any other online service.

Can Apple Pay be used for casino withdrawals?

No, Apple Pay isn’t currently available for casino withdrawals. If you’ve opted for Apple Pay during your deposit, you’re going to have to choose an alternative payment method to withdraw your casino winnings (such as your credit card or bank account).

What are Apple Pay deposit limits?

Apple Pay casino deposit limits depend on which live casino you’ve chosen since each live casino may apply its own limits. Usually, an average live casino deposit starts from anywhere near 10 to 20 dollars and the maximum deposit may go up to several thousand bucks.

Can I use Apple Pay for casino bonuses?

Apple Pay deposits can definitely be used for live casino bonuses, as long as you make a qualifying minimum deposit. Many top live casino sites offer great deposit bonuses or organize different promotions for regular gamblers, and you can participate in these offerings even when using Apple Pay for casino deposits.

Are Apple Pay live casinos safe?

Yes, Apple Pay live casinos are completely safe as long as you play at licensed, certified live casino sites. Apple Pay itself is coveted for its safety since all transactions must get confirmed with your Face ID or Touch ID. This, in itself, makes Apple Pay a safe option for live casino transactions.

Where can I find live casinos that accept Apple Pay?

You can find the best Apple Pay live casinos by using our comparison lists right here at Live CasinoRank. We’ve researched and reviewed hundreds of live casinos and, based on a series of factors, concluded a list of the best Apple Pay casinos where you can take your pick right away.