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Live Leovegas silent blackjack was launched on 3rd august 2017 as a premium product by the renowned casino games developer, Evolution. Unlike other live casino software providers, the game is hosted by a dealer of few words, which makes the game unique. Therefore, it is the best option for punters who want to avoid the distractions from a chatty live dealer or other players at casino live table games. The dealer mostly talks when commenting on the card totals and greeting a newcomer. The game is played on a highly customized table that seats up to seven players at a time.

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What Is Live Leovegas Silent Blackjack?

Live Leovegas silent blackjack by Evolution is particularly popular among punters whose sole focus is on the blackjack game, not features that might be distracting. For that reason, even the game's sounds and graphics are designed to offer minimal distraction, if any.

The live dealer online casino game has Pre-Decision and Save Favorite features, which help increase the game's pace. It also provides punters with detailed game statistics and account history, which helps with bankroll management and decision-making. Punters who do not get a seat at the table can use the bet behind option, which allows them to bet on the players' outcomes at the table.

How to Play Live Leovegas Silent Blackjack

Live Leovegas silent blackjack is available in most of the best live casinos. Punters can enjoy this live game on any device and from anywhere globally by creating an account in any Leovegas silent blackjack live dealer casino that suits their preferences. Punters must deposit enough funds to use to play as the game does not have a free version. They must also find a seat at the live Leovegas silent blackjack table. Otherwise, they might be limited to back betting.


Leovegas Silent Blackjack's gameplay is somewhat similar to that of a standard blackjack game, with the main difference being in the silent nature of the casino live dealer. Punters get a minute to place their bets before the game starts. Any player who does not place a bet within the limited time will have to skip the round. The live dealer then distributes two cards to each player at the table and two more to the banker.

A player who scores 21 on the first two cards gets an automatic win known as a blackjack, which has a significantly higher payout than other wins. However, the bet becomes a push if the banker also gets a blackjack. That means that the player does not win or lose anything.

If there is no player with a blackjack, players will have the standard options of hit, call, split, and double down. The objective is to score closer to 21 than the banker to win the round. The banker can hit for scores below 17 and stand on 17 irrespective of whether it is a soft or hard 17.

Live Leovegas Silent Blackjack Rules

The rules employed at live Leovegas silent blackjack are quite simple. The game must be played with eight card decks, with all the jokers from the decks removed. Seven players can sit at a table simultaneously, though fewer players can still play. Punters can purchase insurance only when the banker's face-up card is an ace. Of course, all the other regular blackjack game rules also apply.

Things to Note

Although the entire point of the game is to avoid a lot of communication, punters can still activate and use the live chat feature whenever they need to consult with the dealer about anything related to the game. In addition, punters who enjoy higher-rewarding bets can utilize the side bets offered, including the 21+3 and perfect pairs side bets. However, the side bets offer significantly lower winning chances, hence avoided by many elite punters.

Live Leovegas Silent Blackjack Payouts

Live Leovegas silent blackjack has an RTP rate of 96.8%. The rate is relatively low compared to other live blackjack games, especially since it doesn't have many unique features except for the silent casino live dealers. However, the lack of distraction makes the game worthwhile, especially among punters who do not fancy card counting.

The blackjack payout is 3:2, which is better than the 6:5 payouts that most live blackjack casino games live offer nowadays. Regular wins, meaning the punter scores closer to 21 than the banker, pays punters an equivalent amount to what they bet. For cases where the punters choose to use insurance, the payout is 2:1.

Side bets offer the highest payout in most live casinos. The side bet payouts offered by most live casino software providers vary depending on the cards the punters get. For example, the payouts for 21+3 side bet can go up to 100:1 for three identical cards. The minimum bet limit of €1 and maximum bet limit of €5000 apply to the side bets.

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