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Evolution Gaming trends as one of the world's top live casino software providers. The company has always been a master of developing top-notch blackjack games which take the biggest number of tables at any live dealer online casino. At William Hill platforms, fans will find over 35 blackjack variants with varied betting limits. One of the most interesting versions is the Live Vegas VIP Blackjack. The casino live dealers hosting it are professionals who understand the expectations of every player and are determined to deliver the very best. Read on to learn more about Live Vegas VIP Blackjack below.

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What is Live Vegas VIP Blackjack William Hill?

Vegas VIP Blackjack is designed for high-rolling and privileged fans of casino live table games. Such punters are not shy of staking higher-than-average bets and are ready for a serious adrenaline rush. It is dealt with 8 standard decks and broadcast in real-time from high-end tables manned by proficient live casino dealers.

When it comes to Live Vegas VIP Blackjack gameplay, there’s no need to be at the venue where the action is happening. The action comes to the player, right in front of their screen. But a 25,000 sq. ft. live casino studio is going to demand a generous bankroll.

How to Play Live Vegas VIP Blackjack William Hill

The structure and rules of Vegas VIP Blackjack are synonymous with standard blackjack live casino games. There are two bonus bets (side bets), double-down, split, and insurance options. The croupier shuffles the cards randomly between sessions to improve fairness. Players can switch the table whenever they like using the Lobby button. If they need to take seats at four tables simultaneously, they can press the Multi-Game Play feature. The two bonus bets can be traced through advanced settings. They are optional and players may hide their tabs from the main interface.

Many live casinos have options for free trials, i.e., no-deposit bonus and free plays. Veteran players who are ready to play for real money immediately place bets with real money as soon as they log in to their accounts. Free plays may have real payouts, but they are restricted by tough wagering conditions.

Once the dealer deals the cards, players have two options: to Stand or Hit. They Stand against the dealer with their current hand or Hit to request an extra card. Plus, they are allowed to split the initial hand into two. Splitting requires the same stake as the main bet. If they want to double down, they add another card to their original wager.

Rules of Live Vegas VIP Blackjack

When the casino live dealer draws the second card, he announces the outcomes of the bets and eliminates all cards from the table. The S17 rule applies to this blackjack version, meaning the croupier stands on a Soft 17 before drawing another card on a 16. In a tie round, the dealer and the player have equal hands.

As hinted above, the sum value of the player’s hands determines whether it’s a win or a loss. Here are the main factors that come into play:

Loss (the Dealer Wins)

  • The player surrenders
  • Both the player and the dealer exceed a hand value of 21 (bust)
  • The player busts but the dealer doesn’t

If both receive 21 or make a blackjack hand, the outcome will be a tie or a push. No amount of bet can change such hands, thus the game comes to a draw.

Win (the Dealer Loses)

  • The player is dealt an Ace and a 10. The winner is paid in the ratio of 3:2
  • The player makes a higher value than the croupier but less than 21. They are rewarded in 1:1
  • The dealer’s total card value exceeds 21 while the player has less than this

Vegas VIP Blackjack Payouts

The RTP or return to player percentage is the probability of a player recovering all the money they’ve wagered in the long run. On the other hand, the casino has a house edge, which is the amount they expect to gain from players in the long term. When combined, the RTP and house edge should give 100%. Every blackjack player hopes to attain the highest payout from a low house edge.

The best live casinos by Evolution provide lucrative payouts which are indicated at the lobby or next to a Vegas VIP Blackjack table. Depending on the live casino, some tables allow a $250 minimum wager per hand. It is not surprising to come across $500 and $1,000 minimum tables. In general, the higher the stake, the greater the RTP becomes. A dealer standing on S17 works in favor of the punter, unlike when the dealer hits. The average house edge for Live Vegas VIP Blackjack William Hill is 0.22%, an equivalent of 99.78% RTP.

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