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Live casino is taking online gaming by storm attracting the attention of gaming software providers. Such providers like Playtech have pounced on the opportunity to meet the existing market demand by players. The software provider has created many games to address the preferences of various gamers.

Among the live casino games is the Majority Rules Speed Blackjack. The interesting game provides Blackjack enthusiasts with an appealing variant of the popular game. Live casinos have recorded great numbers from both veteran and new players flocking the sites seeking to have an experience of casino games in a live setting. Most top casinos have incorporated this game to meet the rising demand.

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What is Majority Rules Speed Blackjack?

Majority Rules Speed Blackjack is a live casino game that was launched in 2020 by one of the world's leading gaming technology providers, Playtech. The Blackjack variant was designed around community play. The game has introduced a new feature compared to the classic Blackjack which is an upgraded level of player interaction.

The Playtech game has two modes which are Best Strategy and Majority Rules. The mode in play is determined by the number of players in each mode.

Launched in collaboration with GVC, the game has received a warm reception among punters since its introduction. This popularity can be accredited to the fact that players have gained trust with Playtech because since its conception in 1999, it has been inventing quality games.

How to Play Majority Rules Speed Blackjack

In this game, players have an option to vote on Double, Split, Hit or Stand actions. A vote of 50% or more prompts an automatic action. As earlier stated, the Best Strategy is applied when there are fewer players. In this strategy, the player’s hands are resolved automatically as per the pre-defined Blackjack best strategy gameplay. In either mode, players are required to make a decision prior, whether to accept a vote or the best strategy choice on Double and Split actions which necessitate added funds.

In this table, a player only has a total of 8 decks in the dealing shoe. A reshuffle is done with every half shoe dealt. The reshuffle is done to prevent card counting which is termed foul play. During gameplay, the player has the option of having two side bets. These are the 21+3 bet and the Perfect Pairs. The two side bets make the game interesting because they offer a chance for bigger prizes.

Procedure of Playing

Once a player launches the game, they are prompted whether they want to automatically split or double. There is an option for the player to turn off the automatic feature and operate it manually.
Also, the player can turn off the left position completely and rely on the right hand to play.

Next, the player is prompted to place a wager by choosing a preferred coin value and placing it on the main bet. Side bets are also placed at this point. After the betting stage, the live dealer deals one card for themselves and two cards for the player's hand. Players can stand, Hit or double any hand.

Splits are an option only for players with a pair at hand. The players then cast their votes and after voting, the decision with the majority votes is played. In this section, the dealer reveals the available cards, and the results are tallied.

The Rules of Majority Rules Speed Blackjack

Majority Rules Speed Blackjack is played under the rules of the usual European Blackjack. The dealer in the live casino draws a single card only when dealing them. The player can split on a pair of any combination. They are then offered an insurance bet in case an Ace appears as the dealer’s up-card. When a player splits only Aces, they are going to receive only one card. During play, the players are allowed to double down on any two cards.

If a hand during play has above three players, the decision used is guided by a majority vote. There is an exception for this if there is no majority basic Blackjack strategy applied to the hand. In case a hand has fewer players, specifically below three, the hand follows the basic Blackjack strategy. This means that players have no influence on the decision taken.

Majority Rules Speed Blackjack Payouts

This live casino game has a maximum payout of 99.54%. The Return to Player (RTP) for the two side bets available for this game differs from the main bet. For perfect pairs, the RTP stands at 95.90% and 96.25% for the 21+3 side bet.

This Playtech live game yields quite good returns for players with the side bets being an added advantage since they pay more. After the dealer reveals the remaining cards, Blackjack wins pay 3:2 and the insurance option wins 2:1. Mixed pairs with matching numbers give a payout of 6:1 while colored pairs with uniform colors and numbers yield a 12:1 payout. Any other standard plays win pay of 1:1.

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