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Those who enjoy live baccarat regularly may already be familiar with the output of Evolution. This developer is known for innovative game features that live casinos seek out. They released Golden Wealth Baccarat in 2021. It shares several design similarities with Lightning Baccarat.

The main difference is that the former is marketed as being less volatile, with a higher frequency of multiplier wins. In addition, the expectation is that players will be able to draw at least one multiplied card during each round. Finally, there is an ornate golden color scheme aimed at evoking East Asian culture in terms of aesthetics.

How to Play Evolution Live Golden Wealth Baccarat
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How to Play Evolution Live Golden Wealth Baccarat

When players first access the game in a live casino, they may notice that the interface is concise and intuitive. They will be met with a display featuring the live dealer. During each round, there are five randomly generated "Golden Cards" that contain multipliers. If users are seeking extra immersion, there is an augmented reality option. Broader wagering is available thanks to several side bet opportunities.

Sometimes players are not interested in live dealer gambling. If so, they can instead opt for a variant that utilizes an RNG-based first-person display. Massive wins are possible thanks to the fact that multipliers stack with each other. When players want to watch their progress, they can click a tab to see the live betting statistics.

Game Rules

For every live game, there are important rules to follow. Golden Wealth Baccarat follows the same rules as other games of this type. The player's main aim is to predict which card pile will have a score closest to nine.

The three main bets are:

  • Banker
  • Player
  • Tie

The latter occurs when the two piles have the same score.

When the round begins, each side will be given two cards. Cards 10 or higher have a value of 0. Meanwhile, all cards under nine retain their original value. When the final score totals as a two-digit number, only the last digit will count. Natural wins occur if one of the piles has eight or nine. However, the banker will win outright if they already have one of these cards.

All bets require a 20% fee to allow for potentially significant multiplier wins. Essentially this means that Golden Wealth Baccarat can function without having decreased odds. At the same time, the return to player (RTP) percentage remains relatively strong. Furthermore, since the odds for this game are the same as other live baccarat titles, the player does not have to change their standard tactics.

It should be noted that bets for the banker and player can reach an impressive 512x. This is because multipliers for the Golden Cards will stack up. As with most live baccarat tables, there is a 5% commission on all banker bets.

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