Best 10 Visionary iGaming Live Casinos 2023

Live dealer games have become a big part of the online casino industry. From Europe and Asia to America and Africa, the games are popular across all world regions. In fact, not many online casinos may survive today without live dealer games. And while many players thank live casinos for allowing them to play these games, it is actually live casino software developers that deserve the bulk of this gratitude, and Visionary iGaming is one such developer. Known for producing high-quality games, this firm is clearly one of the top software providers in live casinos. A deep dive into what this provider is all about is worth it.

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About Visionary iGaming

About Visionary iGaming

Having opened its doors in 2008, Visionary iGaming is one of those live casino software providers that have stood the test of time. The company was founded by an ex-CEO of another gaming software development firm known as Vuetec. Visionary iGaming is known for providing a wide range of top-quality live games and B2B solutions. And while the company does not have licenses from places like UK, Gibraltar, and Malta, the company has a business license to offer B2B solutions in Costa Rica.

But how has Visionary iGaming managed to survive in such a competitive online casino gaming industry for all these years? Well, one of the reasons is because the provider works with some of the best live casinos. And the company is very progressive. For instance, with mobile casino gaming being more popular than anything else nowadays, the company now produces live games using HTML5 format, which makes it possible for games to enjoy the action on the go.

About Visionary iGaming
Unique Features of Visionary iGaming

Unique Features of Visionary iGaming

One of Visionary iGaming's unique features is the fact that it offers casino operators three options to choose from, including the following:

  • Turnkey Live Casino: The Turnkey Live Casino is exclusively meant for casino operators who want to set up their own casino brands from scratch.
  • Live Casino in a Box: Live Casino in a Box is a product that allows operators to set up a live casino operation in physical locations using PC terminals. As such, many casinos have jumped at this opportunity, with many casino operators streaming live actions from countries like France and Ireland.
  • Live Casino Game Feed: This is a product that casino owners can integrate into their existing infrastructure. Hence, Visionary iGaming, unlike most providers, offers a customer-friendly package, allowing operators to fully customize the service to provide an excellent live casino experience.
Unique Features of Visionary iGaming
Studio Locations

Studio Locations

Visionary iGaming's main studio is located in San Jose, Costa Rica. The casino studio is custom-built to ensure that players feel like they are in an actual casino room. All the equipment, including cameras, is industry-standard, so nothing prevents players from getting immersed. With most of the games offering enhanced close-ups and action angles, players can see the action unfold in various different ways.

While Visionary iGaming is headquartered in San Jose, it works with many operators worldwide. The main markets of the company are Europe, America, and Asia. The provider allows its customers to play games in English and Spanish.

Studio Locations

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Are Visionary iGaming live casinos limited to live dealer table games?

Besides live table games, the casinos have a small library of video slots and video poker. Examples of their popular slots include Lucky 7, Street Money, and Haunted House.

What is the provider renowned for?

Visionary iGaming was among the pioneers of business-to-business live casino developers. Today, it is one of the biggest B2B iGaming developers in the world recording billions of euros in bets every year.

Where are the casino studios located?

The studios are in San Jose, Costa Rica where a vibrant gaming scene is broadcast in real-time. The studio plays upbeat music in the background.

When was Visionary iGaming founded?

The company was established in 2008 by Martin Reiner after quitting a CEO position at VueTec Limited. Reiner and two other professionals of the former organization are the pioneers of the live gaming concept that began in 2005.

What audiences does the developer target?

The provider caters to different casino operators across Europe, Latin America, Asia, and other countries. The firm partners with both web-based and land-based casino brands.

How are the live dealers at Visionary iGaming live casinos?

The dealers (male and female) are not shy about dancing to the rhythm of the background music. They clap whenever a player tips them and are very welcoming to new players and polite to the existing ones. As soon as they read what the player has typed on the chat box, they quickly respond verbally, mostly in English and Spanish.

How many live games does the casino developer have?

Currently, they offer live Baccarat, standard Blackjack, Blackjack Early Payout, Super 6, and European and American Roulette.

Are there unique perks from the software provider?

Their custom-made offers are designed to attract new players while others help to keep the existing ones. Other unique offers include jackpots, tournaments, and private events.

How many product categories for live casinos are available at Visionary iGaming?

They have eight categories namely Live Mobile Casino, Live Betting Shop, Live Integrated Casino, Live Social Casino, Live Promotions, Live Land-Based Casino, Private Tables & Environments, and Live Turnkey Casino.

Do Visionary iGaming studios provide dedicated tables for players?

Yes. Punters will find plenty of private tables with unlimited branding, customized table setting, and unique dealer attires.