10 Live Casinos That Use Diners Club for Secure Deposits

Players who particularly enjoy live online casinos prefer to use a convenient deposit method for speed and safety. Diners Club International undoubtedly fits the bill and was the first company in the world to establish an independent payment card. It is now accepted in over 50 countries.

10 Live Casinos That Use Diners Club for Secure Deposits
About Diners Club InternationalHow to Make a Withdrawal with Diners Club International
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About Diners Club International

Someone coming across this name for the first time is unlikely to think of it as a payment method. But, like many good things, one has to dig to find it. And no, this is not a new payment method.

Diners Club International is a charge card and direct banking company that was founded in 1950. It operates in 59 countries and has its headquarters in Riverwoods, Illinois. For those not in the know, a charge card is like a credit card but without a set spending limit. In general, they have to be paid off in full each month. This means it is issued to people or organizations with high credit scores.

The card was created to cater mainly for travel and entertainment. However, these have expanded over time to include payment for other utilities. As an entertainment basic, the card is thus acceptable in select online casinos. Not all casinos accept the payment method basically because of its exclusive nature that limits the number of cardholders. The use of this card is most popular in the United States. However, it is acceptable in most places where a MasterCard can be used. Its use is relatively popular in Europe too.

How to Make a Deposit with Diners Club International

The elite nature of the card should not be a cause for intimidation; it operates like most other cards. From the casino site's deposit menu, a player selects Diners Club as their preferred deposit method. The site then redirects them to the card's payment page.

The card combines payments with direct banks too. Operating between the two platforms is almost seamless. The biggest advantage it offers is that it does not have a deposit limit. This can be good or bad news depending on the depth of one's pockets and the nature of their spending habits.

Players can bring the card to their mobile phones by downloading the app. This makes it easier to do all transactions including deposits to online casinos. While the card is not accepted in some casinos, those that do accept it generally serve wealthier players.

Two of such casinos are the 888 Casino and the Comeon! Casino. These two are leaders in the industry, serving customers on both ends of the financial stick meticulously. They are safe and secure and offer the best games, customer support, gameplay, bonuses and promotions, and any other superior feature that a casino player seeks.

About Diners Club International

Diners Club International is touted as the world’s first credit card. A renowned business executive, Franck McNamara, alongside his partners Matty Simmons and Ralph Schneider, first used this card in 1950 while settling a bill at a restaurant in New York. Initially, the Diners Club Card was not meant to be a general-purpose credit card but one for travel and entertainment.

In 1981, Citibank bought the Diners Club International. And in July of 2008, Diners Club International was purchased by Discover Financial Services and has continued to enjoy global appeal, especially among online casino punters.

Like most credit cards, Diners Club International allows users to make payments using a charge card billed on a bank account later. This payment-processing merchant operates in conjunction with Discover Financial Services and MasterCard. Its partnership with MasterCard, in particular, is why it is found in most online casinos.

It is worth mentioning that Diners Club is an international franchise that is available on almost every continent. However, its use as a casino payment option might not be allowed in jurisdictions or states where online gambling is illegal.

How to Make a Withdrawal with Diners Club International

Diners Club Card is different from traditional credit cards. This is because it mainly acts as a charge card used for casino deposits. While the Diners Club Card can also be used for making deposits, it might not be your everyday withdrawal option. Thus, anyone who wants to withdraw funds from their casino account should confirm with the casino.

However, anyone keen on making withdrawals using their Diners Club Card should look further at the casino’s withdrawal page for alternatives. Some withdrawal options availed to players at online casinos include bank transfers and e-wallets.

Considering that it might be impossible to withdraw your winnings back to the card, you might consider exploring other withdrawal options. However, you will be expected to verify your identity before choosing an alternative withdrawal option. The best part is that you can have your winnings released to you as soon as you have ascertained that you are the rightful owner.

There is no denying that Diners Club International is impressive as far as online casino payments are concerned. More generally speaking, Diners Club Card is a rarity in the withdrawal section in most online casinos. However, the fact that most casinos still have it on the list of deposit options affirms its reliability.

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