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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Online casinos try to find ways to engage customers in new and creative ways. Delivering the live casino experience to the player's home is the ultimate addition to each casino. Ultra Casino does its best to bring the most popular games to players so they can feel that they are at the casino. Live casinos are not new to the online gambling scene, but still, players can find it useful to read about some tips and tricks.

Playing at a casino can feel a bit like playing video games, while live dealer games allow players to take part in the whole gaming experience. There is something more satisfying than seeing live dealer dealing cards.

How to Play Live Dealer Games

Playing at a Live Casino may seem intimidating for some people, because these games are not available in a fun mode, so players have to deposit and start playing immediately. Players need to know the rules of the game they decide to play, but at the same time, they need to know how the interface of the game works.

One of the most interesting and attractive aspects of live casino games is that players have the chance to interact and make gambling a social activity. Players can chat not only with the live dealer but with the other players as well.

Live Casino games don't use a Random Number generator, instead, cards are in play or the spin of the wheel.

Another great advantage of live casino games is that they offer low limits, so players can prolong the gameplay. For high-rollers, there are high-limit tables as well. What is more, there are so many different bets that are way better and make the gameplay more exciting.

There are some disadvantages to living casino games as well. One of the biggest downfalls is that these games are very interesting so players can easily lose track of the time and money they spend and easily get addicted. Anyhow, players can take some steps that will help them control their gambling habits. The first thing that players can do is to set a deposit limit and once they reach it, they shouldn’t increase the limit. Instead, they should stick to their budget.

Another issue when it comes to living casino games is technical issues. This can be frustrating when it happens, but players shouldn't worry about anything because the game will continue from where it stopped.

6 Tips and Tricks for Playing Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a very popular game that players can find in the Live Dealer section at Ultra Casino. This is an easy, yet exciting game to play and that is one of the main reasons why it is so popular among bettors. The rules are very simple and players can master them fast. More experienced players are always looking for tips and tricks on how to play Live Blackjack and win by doing it so. Unfortunately, there isn’t a sure trick that will help every time, but there are a couple of things that players can take into consideration and improve their chances of winning.

The basic idea of the game is to get a hand that totals 21, higher than the dealer’s hand without going over 21. Once the bets have been placed, the player will receive 2 cards, and once they do they have to decide what their next move should be. There are some basic rules that players can follow and they include the following:

  • Split a set of aces and 8s pair – players can always split when they receive pairs, but they should always split aces and a pair of 8s. When splitting aces, the chances of getting Blackjack with one additional card are high. With two 8s, players have a hand that totals 16, which is considered the worst hand in Blackjack.
  • Don’t split pairs of 10s and 6s – getting two cards with a value of 10 is great. The probability that the live dealer will get a hand that totals 21 is low, so the player can win with their two initial cards. On the other hand, if they split a pair of 6s, the chances of getting a hand that totals 16 are high, and this is the worst hand in Blackjack.
  • Think before getting Insurance – getting Insurance when playing Blackjack seems like a sure way to protect the hand, but the thing here is that the insurance stake is half the player’s original stake.
  • Card Counting – players shouldn’t rely on card counting when playing Live Blackjack. First things first, it is illegal and secondly, it is impossible because Live Casinos use more than one deck of cards.
  • When to hit and when to stand – players should always hit until they reach a value of 17 or higher. When the dealer has a 10, players should stand on 17.
  • Choose the right Live Blackjack variant – at the Live Casino section at Ultra Casino, there are more variants of Blackjack available. Players need to find the right Blackjack variant for them so they can feel more comfortable while playing.