10 Live Casinos That Use GiroPay for Secure Deposits

Simplicity and usability are among the most sought-after attributes of online payment services. In this era of fast-paced digital technologies, gamblers have had very high expectations of payment solutions. That being said, Giropay has found favor in the European live casino markets. With Giropay, live casino enthusiasts enjoy seamless and speedy transactions. Instant deposits allow punters to hit live dealer tables immediately. Giropay is one of the most practical ways to add to the bankroll and keep pace with the dynamic online gaming world.

There are numerous benefits of playing at the websites listed here. The best live online casinos with Giropay feature games by powerful software providers. This guide provides background information about Giropay, and all the information bettors need to fund a real money casino through Giropay.

10 Live Casinos That Use GiroPay for Secure Deposits
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About Giropay

Giropay is an instant online payment solution founded in 2005 by a couple of German organizations, including Deutsche Postbank, GAD, Fiducia IT, and Star Finanz. Owned and operated by Giropay GmbH, it was first launched in February 2006. By 2010, it had processed over 5.8 million transactions, with 70,000 new customers registering every month.

Giropay's popularity resulted from the improved technology in the online banking sector. Bank account holders no longer visited their local bank branches to add funds to their betting accounts. Today, Giropay is primarily used in Austria, The Netherlands, and Germany. More than 1,500 companies, 17 million customers, and about 85% of the German market trust the system.

How Giropay Works

Unlike most online transaction methods, Giropay users don't need to open a separate account. Ideally, an active bank account will suffice. The service is very similar to the Canadian Interac and Dutch iDeal and works seamlessly with the existing online banking details. The issuing banks authorize Giropay payments through transaction authentication number (TAN) and PIN code. No third party is involved.

Most public and cooperative banks in Germany support Giropay, but Deutsche Postbank is the most popular bank with this payment processor. Even though participation by the private banking sector is limited, the payment method is active in 60% of commercial bank accounts. The vast majority of the partner banks usually serve online banking consumers. They include Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB), Bankhaus Bauer, Sparkasse, Volksbanken, GLS Gemeinschaftsbank, and Bankhaus Ellwanger. Apart from online gambling sites, e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill accept Giropay funds.

Best Live Casinos with Giropay

Real money casinos with Giropay provide a load of bonuses, but players should check the wagering conditions and deposit limit to ensure they are eligible. Customer support can help clarify this. For quick and straightforward deposits at the best live casinos, Giropay is one of the top solutions. It is directly connected to the player's checking or savings account, allowing them to access funds anytime and anywhere.

This happens without entering tedious transfer information or waiting too long for the money to arrive at the casino. However, the said bank must support Giropay for the deposit to go through. Giropay users use an app that takes care of the verification. What's more, the bank details are encrypted, so they will never be saved on the app.

Depositing with Giropay at Live Casinos

Here are the steps needed to deposit money at live casinos with Giropay.

  1. At the banking or cashier area, select Giropay for depositing
  2. Pick the particular institution you bank with
  3. A new online banking page will be provided
  4. Log in to the bank account and input the amount to transfer
  5. The bank sends a TAN code via SMS or app
  6. Enter the verification code and wait for the money at the casino site

When it comes to Giropay, there's no waiting. After completing the authentication, the transfer to the gambling site is done immediately. The money will be ready for betting any live game. In addition, the system is highly efficient for verification, whether confirming the online account or age. PIN and TAN codes are the Giropay-ID that allows the bank to prove the user's identity as soon as they log in. No visual authentication is needed.

Fees and Transaction Limits

It is worth checking the deposit limit and whether any fee is levied on betting accounts. Some banks may charge a certain percentage, but Giropay is free to use. The standard charges for most banks range from 0.9% to 1.2%, in addition to a fixed figure of €0.08 per transfer.

With Giropay, the minimum transaction limit is €1 while the maximum is €50,000. Individual transfers are guaranteed up to €10,000. For anything above this, the liability remains with the merchants in case of fraud. Euro is the predominant currency for the Giropay accounts, so it shouldn't be a problem with European players. However, it can be tricky for gamblers who use other currencies.

Currencies and Countries Accepted by GiroPay

Gamblers have very high expectations for payment options in this age of rapidly evolving digital technologies. One of the most practical ways to increase the bankroll and keep up with the fast-paced live gaming industry is through GiroPay.

GiroPay has gained popularity in the European live casino games markets. Fans of live casinos benefit from smooth and quick transactions with GiroPay. Instant deposits enable gamblers to start playing top games from live casino studios.

The growth of GiroPay is a result of the development of internet banking technologies. Owners of bank accounts no longer have to go to their neighborhood bank branches to deposit money into their betting accounts. Today, Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria are the countries where GiroPay is most widely utilized. In Germany, where thousands of businesses, millions of clients, and over three-quarters of the market trust the system, the GiroPay is well-liked. For GiroPay accounts, the Euro is the predominant currency, making it challenging for gamblers who use other currencies.

Top GiroPay Casino Bonuses

Real-money GiroPay casinos offer numerous bonuses. However, players should review the terms and conditions of any dealer to confirm their eligibility. The casino's customer service staff will also be able to explain this to players.

Deposit Bonus

A player's deposit is matched by GiroPay live casino up to a predetermined proportion. The prize primarily targets new players, though existing players may also be eligible.

No-Deposit Bonus

The no-deposit live casino bonus mainly targets new players but existing players may receive it at times. Even though it is not common, players do not have to deposit it into their account to qualify for this offer. The amount that players can win via this incentive is usually capped to a certain percentage. Customers can access select live dealer games with this bonus to increase their bankroll.

Welcome Bonus

New players at GiroPay live casinos are the target audience for these promotions. Live casinos use these welcome bonuses to entice brand-new patrons to try their products. However, players typically need to spend a particular sum at the live dealer casino to fully take advantage of this promotion.

Why Deposit with GiroPay?

Playing at live casinos with GiroPay has a lot of advantages. Most of the praise for GiroPay comes from casino players who have previously been scammed using another platform. GiroPay is an excellent payment processor. The two authentication techniques used by the service—PIN and TAN—make it very efficient and nearly impenetrable.


  • A safe and secure payment service with data security and SSL encryption
  • Quick deposits
  • Easily accessible customer service.
  • There is no need to register.
  • Exclusive live casino bonuses to players.


  • Withdrawals are either challenging or unavailable.
  • Only a few currencies supported
  • Some participating banks may impose transaction fees.

GiroPay Account Opening Process

Users using GiroPay are not required to create a different account. All they need is an active bank or building society registered account. Since GiroPay is directly linked to the player's checking or savings account, they have access to their money whenever and wherever they want. PIN codes and transaction authentication numbers (TANs) are used by issuing banks to authorize payments. No third party is involved.

The Steps of Opening an Account

  • Users only need to set up online banking with their bank to use this payment method.
  • GiroPay may also ask users to generate the security code required for transaction authorization.
  • Some banks generate this code using their mobile apps.

Therefore, one must already have an account with a partner banking institution to open a GiroPay account. Additionally, a user must be of legal age to utilize the site and open an account.

Limitations to Holding a GiroPay Account

The only restrictions to GiroPay are that it only operates in a few nations. Players should anticipate the service's international expansion as it gains popularity.

How to Make a Withdrawal with GiroPay

GiroPay rarely accepts casino withdrawals. Players must, however, have a current account in Germany with access to internet banking to use this option when it is offered at a live casino.

Steps to Make a Withdrawal with GiroPay

  • Visit the dealer's withdrawal area.
  • Choose GiroPay as their preferred payment option
  • Enter the desired withdrawal amount.
  • Check the confirm box trigger on the screen
  • Press the submit button to finish the lottery payouts.

Processing Times and Limitations

The bank essentially controls how long it takes to process each withdrawal and how much money is taken out in fees.

GiroPay Customer Support Options

Because GiroPay values its clients highly, getting in touch with them is simple. Users can call Giropay’s helpful customer service department Monday through Friday from 8 am to 10 pm and on weekends and holidays from 8 am to 6 pm local German time, GMT+1. Customers can also send a message via their contact form as an alternative. The agents themselves are highly cordial and bilingual in English and German.

Users won't typically even need to get in touch with customer service! The FAQ section on GiroPay is quite good and strikes a fantastic mix between information and length. There are probably explanations for the majority of the issues one might encounter.


Security and Safety at Giropay

Giropay customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that they interact with their trusted banking systems. At the live dealer casino interface, Giropay offers a secure environment, so players have nothing to worry about the safety of their data. Since no card details are involved, the risk of online fraud is significantly reduced. On top of it all, TAN and PIN codes eliminate any instance of unauthorized use. TAN number is used to confirm payment of €30 and above, making it convenient for smaller deposits while maintaining top-notch privacy standards. Generally, Giropay supports TAN procedures of most European banks such as chipTAN, iTAN, smartTAN, smart TAN-plus, and mobileTAN.

All Giropay live casinos must comply with high-security standards of AES 256-bit encryption featuring TLS 1.2 for secure data transmission, and SSL which is found in the URL at the 'HTTPS' part. Again, a two-factor authentication system adds an extra layer of security to personally identifiable information. All Giropay users must know that the system never requests sensitive information via telephone or email. Any demand for personal data must be treated with suspicion.

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